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Not having any illusions about human nature.
I'm so cynical I don't trust furry little animals with big sad eyes.
by kilgore trout December 06, 2003
Your required outlook in order to post on Urban Dictionary.
I think the world is shit. That's cynical enough for urban dictionary isn't it?
by HomeParkHomer August 26, 2006
1. To be critical or faultfinding for self-amusement.
Movie critics can be quite cynical.
by J.J. April 02, 2005
does not trust human nature
amanda- why do u have to be so cynical?
by liz November 09, 2003
The only way to be.

Look at how fuckin shitty everyone and everything is.

HOW could anyone NOT be cynical?
The whole world is homosexual.
A seemingly appealing and useful way of thinking, the positive aspects of cynicism only overshadow the truth that cynics rarely get anything out of life with they way they think (despite believing quite the opposite). Normally accepting humanity as inherently evil, they define good and bad under broad, usually universal terms that immediately apply to everybody, no matter how generous, saintly, or selfless they are. Aestheticism, to a cynic, is not only a childish following, but one which all humans subconsciously live by. Assuming this, they are among a superior group of intellectuals who have "outfoxed" their fellow man. While it is a mark of maturity to be wary of certain people and situations, to think of the entire world as double-crossing greed mongering sinners whose every good deed has an ulterior motive is usually an adolescent stage of thinking that tends to get replaced as the person sees more of their world.
Cynical Man: "Wow, the most beautiful woman in the world! You're perfect in every way and are willing to grant me your heart. Too bad you're going to probably stab me in the back somewhere down the line."

Most Beautiful Woman in the World: "Well alright then, I'll just ask that oh so naive optimist if he'd like to get laid tonight instead."

Cynical Man: "I don't need happiness or pleasure for my remaining 60 years on this planet! All I need is this hole in the ground. It's where we all end up anyway."
by J. Literal October 29, 2007
The adjective for an individual who attributes all actions to selfish motives. Becoming cynical comes from someone just not giving a damn about the rest of the human race and is recommended for all Americans.
Person : "So yeah, this emo kid posted this myspace bullitin where he said he would kill himself."
Cynic: "That's great, hope he actually did it."
Person: "WTF? You cynical jerk! You should be ashamed for saying things like that!"
Cynic: "At least, I can stand on my own two feet..."
by Darkest_Elite May 21, 2006
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