What you text someone when you dont give a fuck about what they say and just want to piss them off.
Thomas: Stop sending dick pics loser
Matt: K
by Fuck life. January 11, 2015
n. Ok or the point that has been stated has been acknowledged

vb. To have sex with.
Girl: I'm leaving at 9
Guy: K

Bro 1: How was last night?
Bro 2: I got the K
by TheQGquibbler October 03, 2010
A unique type of Marijuana grown only in the Kansas City area. Many people like the weed because of the different type of high you expirence. A perfect blunt weed
"If I'm rollin' on dubs, if it's K-Town bud"- Tech N9ne

"Dude this is some dank k"
"Yeah it's perfect for this blunt"
by gonjafiend December 09, 2009
another way of saying okay. if you are to lazy to say it.
are you k?
oh i dunno
by Jimmy fly home February 25, 2008
K is a common abbreviation for a strikeout in baseball. K's come in handy when using score cards and for other misc. uses. A forwards K means that the batter struck out swinging while a backwards K means that the batter did not swing at the last strike for the out.
Three K's in the inning, it doesn't get much better than that.
by Sid Barrett August 19, 2007
The texting term that completely ends a conversation.

Texter 1: So I'm going to miss school tomorrow.
Texter 2: K.

by ihavenoclueactually September 07, 2013
I don't Care or Whatever
Person: You're a Fucking Cunt

Me: k.
by k. guy August 10, 2012

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