the laziest, most frustrating thing a girl can send a guy as a text message.
Guy: Oh my god, your eyes sparkle in the moonlight and reflect the sea in the perfect angle and I hear birds singing when I hear you speak.
Girl: k
by caveDawg December 13, 2011
The texting term that completely ends a conversation.

Texter 1: So I'm going to miss school tomorrow.
Texter 2: K.

by funihuni September 07, 2013
n. Ok or the point that has been stated has been acknowledged

vb. To have sex with.
Girl: I'm leaving at 9
Guy: K

Bro 1: How was last night?
Bro 2: I got the K
by TheQGquibbler October 03, 2010
K is a common abbreviation for a strikeout in baseball. K's come in handy when using score cards and for other misc. uses. A forwards K means that the batter struck out swinging while a backwards K means that the batter did not swing at the last strike for the out.
Three K's in the inning, it doesn't get much better than that.
by Sid Barrett August 19, 2007
When a girl replies with a K with a period at the end ( aka Kdot) it means the girls in a bithcy ass mood so dont make a mistake she will bite your head off. LITERALLY.
Elvira: I know you cheated on me you asshole!
Jake: I wasnt i swear!
Elvira: K.
by PizzaGuy12 June 01, 2012
when someone says something mean: k
when someone says something nice: k
when someone is annoying: k
when someone tells a dumb story: k
when someone you don't like walks in the room: k
when someone tells you to do something: k
when you get yelled at: k
Teacher: "You are a disgrace to your parents"
Me: "k"
by hahak May 25, 2012
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