A word used by immature, annoying (usually teenage) girls for some unknown reason.
Annoying bitch --- "K I hate you. K You're stupid. K. K I hate everybody for no reason."
by Ihatestupidpeople June 12, 2010
A unique type of Marijuana grown only in the Kansas City area. Many people like the weed because of the different type of high you expirence. A perfect blunt weed
"If I'm rollin' on dubs, if it's K-Town bud"- Tech N9ne

"Dude this is some dank k"
"Yeah it's perfect for this blunt"
by gonjafiend December 09, 2009
Response over something you have no interest in
Joe: I made out with your ex girlfriend last night
Bill: k
Joe: :S
by Assss1 August 14, 2009
another way of saying okay. if you are to lazy to say it.
are you k?
oh i dunno
by Jimmy fly home February 25, 2008
Very short form of OK or okay.
A: XYZ is a stupid a-hole.
B: K.
by Karl Toffel June 01, 2003
K is a word used to ruin all conversations with anybody important your crush your idol etc. When somone uses the term "k" they are clearly uninterested, fed up or sick of the conversation.
"(Long heart felt poem)"

"I have a secret to tell, I love you"
by Themildrems November 30, 2014
This is not a text that you want to get, especially from your girlfriend. You pissed her off and you better make it up to her. Just "K" is a bad enough text to get from your girl, but "K." is even worse. You are not in a good position if you get this text.
Girlfriend: So I'll see you tomorrow at 2:00, right?
Boyfriend: Oh, sorry I forgot. I made other plans. Another time?
Girlfriend: K.
by Kacey2347 November 17, 2014

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