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A phrase, meaning "This conversation is over."
him: I just don't wanna lose you!
her: k.
by sam fisher February 04, 2013
When a girl replies with a K with a period at the end ( aka Kdot) it means the girls in a bithcy ass mood so dont make a mistake she will bite your head off. LITERALLY.
Elvira: I know you cheated on me you asshole!
Jake: I wasnt i swear!
Elvira: K.
by PizzaGuy12 June 01, 2012
the laziest, most frustrating thing a girl can send a guy as a text message.
Guy: Oh my god, your eyes sparkle in the moonlight and reflect the sea in the perfect angle and I hear birds singing when I hear you speak.
Girl: k
by caveDawg December 13, 2011
Shortened version of "Okay."

Although, presently, it's used for showing the other person you are not interested in the conversation anymore.
"Yeah, I went to this awesome cafe today. I'm going to have to go again sometime."

by ZestyBacon March 24, 2011
the eleventh letter of the alphabet and the most annoying letter to receive by text message. which if someone texts you only saying "k" it usually means that person has no interest whatsoever and could really care less.
by SimoneWexler March 06, 2011
A word used by immature, annoying (usually teenage) girls for some unknown reason.
Annoying bitch --- "K I hate you. K You're stupid. K. K I hate everybody for no reason."
by Ihatestupidpeople June 12, 2010
A unique type of Marijuana grown only in the Kansas City area. Many people like the weed because of the different type of high you expirence. A perfect blunt weed
"If I'm rollin' on dubs, if it's K-Town bud"- Tech N9ne

"Dude this is some dank k"
"Yeah it's perfect for this blunt"
by gonjafiend December 09, 2009