what you send someone when your cheating on them
Casey answered a text with "k" which means she was cheating on her boyfriend
by theboredboyfriend June 13, 2010
K is a reluctant response via text, chat or other media usually resulting in regrettable consequences.
Amy: Hey BFF, lets go slam some tequila shots and bang some boys!! Woo Hoo!

Jill:........... K
by Timmmaaay March 24, 2011
the eleventh letter of the alphabet and the most annoying letter to receive by text message. which if someone texts you only saying "k" it usually means that person has no interest whatsoever and could really care less.
by SimoneWexler March 06, 2011
What you text someone when you dont give a fuck about what they say and just want to piss them off.
Thomas: Stop sending dick pics loser
Matt: K
by Fuck life. January 11, 2015
Shortened version of "Okay."

Although, presently, it's used for showing the other person you are not interested in the conversation anymore.
"Yeah, I went to this awesome cafe today. I'm going to have to go again sometime."

by ZestyBacon March 24, 2011
Another form of writing okay to sound a bit bitchy.
Girl 1 : My dress is better than yours.
Girl 2 : K.
by Irksome December 24, 2014
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