A shortened version of the words Okay or Ok. However, sometimes people (mostly of the female gender) find this word offensive.
Girl: Brb shower!
Boy: k
Girl: Fuck you, you heartless bitch.
Boy: ?
by ebolis425 May 15, 2011
the ultimate response to someone you don't like or when you don't care what the person is saying.
You: Dude. Your fucking ugly. I don't see how anyone could have any interest in you at all!
Me: K.
You: ....
by #1 Twerk Bitch August 31, 2013
The worst thing that ever happened to the English texting language. Usually what someone replies when they don't know what else to say or they flat out dont feel like talking to you. Or when they feel like getting a punch in the face. Major text-killer Don't ever do it! Especially not to long messages.
Person 1: I miss you so much!! How are you?? We haven't seen each other in forever. I can't wait till you come to see me tomorrow. Remember to come at 5 pm.
Person 2: K
Person 1: You know what don't come!!

Person 1: I just got dumped
Person 2: K
Person 1: die..
by Myrealnameisjasia August 09, 2013
The perfect way to get someone annoying to shut up.

Normally used online, but can also be used in regular conversation .
Sarah: OMG HEEY!
Jim: hi sarah.
Sarah: How are you???
Jim: good, you?
Sarah: I'm doing reallly greaaat !
Jim: k
Sarah: ...
by RubydOne August 22, 2011
when you do not want to talk to somebody you say K. rockaway douchbags do not understand. Invented in Wharton
rockaway kid: so whatcha doing?

wharton kid: K.

rockaway kid: so whats up?

wharton kid: K douchebag.
by whartonkid2 February 13, 2009
This conversation is now over.
Him: hey, meet up after school tomorrow?
You: k
by Lauren96 August 26, 2014
Word commonly used in Sweden to express the fact that you couldn't care less about something. Often used to answer a question without answering it directly. Also used to kill conversations with people. If you find an online conversation with somebody to be boring or having an argument with anohter person online using K kills the conversation and will probably piss the other person off.

K directly translated means - I don't fucking care

Can also be used anywhere at any given time to express dissatisfaction with the conversation
- Do you like my new profile picture?
- yes.
- what is your favourite juice, I like pineapple juice the best.

- K
by Ragnar runkarballesnor May 11, 2013

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