Its a shorter version of the word "okay" that is used to piss the fuck out of a guy or girl when they have disapointed you or upset you.
Boy: hey sorry I'm going to have to cancel our date because I want to play some xbox
Girl: K
Boy: wow really? Just a k?
by ChickGamer July 26, 2012
A dumb response used by people who couldn't give two shits about what you're saying.
Person 1: My grandma just died.
Person 2: K

Girl: I really like you. I've liked you for a really long time. I think that you're funny and smart and cute and just an awesome peson. And I really hope that me telling you this doesn't ruin our friendship that we've had for 4 years.

Boy: K

Girl: K? I just poured my heart out to you and all you have to say is "K!"
by AVERAGE_GIRL234 April 04, 2010
k = OK

simple :)
- Can you do it now? :)
- K
by Visor December 08, 2003
The most annoying response over text. The usual person that gets this text doesn't respond. It is hated by many people when people say "K." or "K?"
Person 1: Hey.
Person 2: Hey what's up?
Person 1: Bored, you?
Person 2: At the beach.
Person 1: K.
by MultiColorz12 July 09, 2011
The text you receive from your girlfriend, really meaning "fuck you"
"babe im sorry" -boy
"k" -girl
by BoobMaster95 April 27, 2011
McConnell: U mislead ne investors?
Blankfein: Nope.
Mc: k
by LexAveNYC April 25, 2010
what you reply to someone in messaging (instant, text, email, etc.) when you do not want to really reply
Joe - "Dude I got tickets for Slayer tomorrow night!!!"
Ronald - "K..."
by Gnashernash April 11, 2009

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