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A letter that means I hate you, fuck off.
Matt: I love you.
Megan: K.
by c-nt January 17, 2011
72 26
Its a shorter version of the word "okay" that is used to piss the fuck out of a guy or girl when they have disapointed you or upset you.
Boy: hey sorry I'm going to have to cancel our date because I want to play some xbox
Girl: K
Boy: wow really? Just a k?
by ChickGamer July 26, 2012
49 9
A dumb response used by people who couldn't give two shits about what you're saying.
Person 1: My grandma just died.
Person 2: K

Girl: I really like you. I've liked you for a really long time. I think that you're funny and smart and cute and just an awesome peson. And I really hope that me telling you this doesn't ruin our friendship that we've had for 4 years.

Boy: K

Girl: K? I just poured my heart out to you and all you have to say is "K!"
by AVERAGE_GIRL234 April 04, 2010
45 15
k = OK

simple :)
- Can you do it now? :)
- K
by Visor December 08, 2003
73 45
McConnell: U mislead ne investors?
Blankfein: Nope.
Mc: k
by LexAveNYC April 25, 2010
26 8
The most annoying response over text. The usual person that gets this text doesn't respond. It is hated by many people when people say "K." or "K?"
Person 1: Hey.
Person 2: Hey what's up?
Person 1: Bored, you?
Person 2: At the beach.
Person 1: K.
by MultiColorz12 July 09, 2011
39 22
what you reply to someone in messaging (instant, text, email, etc.) when you do not want to really reply
Joe - "Dude I got tickets for Slayer tomorrow night!!!"
Ronald - "K..."
by Gnashernash April 11, 2009
32 15