Noun. Slang for cocaine. Justin Timberlake is very white. Cocaine is also white.
"We got bricks of da flavor, Justin Timberlake
Last year was 24, dis year is 28!"
by baiku December 07, 2007
A stupid, whiny, rich, talentless clown whose idiotic superbowl stunt has turned America into a Talibanesque society. He shouldve never given the right wing the excuse it needed to pursue their agenda.
Justin Timberlake's record sales were down, so were Janet Jackson's....
by BooYaa!!!!!!! March 16, 2004
Someone who, despite his fanbase of screaming teenage sluts and such, is a bad singer. His songs are composed of egotistical and stuck-up lyrics, such as "SexyBack". Many people like him because he can dance well, and even that he sings well, even though he does not. The lyrics are completely childish, with the few amount of serious songs that have to do with relationships being extremely shallow, having no depth or meaning whatsoever.
Teenage whore: z0mg, Justin Timberlake is so hot!
Prick: I know, I love him! Being a fan, I wish I could write lyrics like him. I just wish I wasn't illiterate.
Jesus: Hey guys, ever heard of Bob Dylan?
Teenage whore: Tssh, he sucks! Every time I try to analyze his lyrics, their depth combined with the LSD I take makes my brain hurt!
Gandhi: Screw you. Come on, Jesus, Stephen Hawking was right. These guys are too stupid to know what good music is.
by Gray Jack September 12, 2007
probally the most concieted mother fucker in the "pop" industry, his music sucks ass and if you have figured it out yet he's gay.
Justin Timberlake gives BJ's behind wa wa
by Sexyyyyy July 20, 2007
A no talent singer who helped Janet Jackson turn the Superbowl XXXVIII half time show into a two pit peep show. Put the XXX in XXXVIII.
The commercials sucked this year, but at least halftime wasn't that bad as when Janet and Justin were on.
See also: pervert
by Jesse February 11, 2005
a Freakin idiot. His balls have not quite dropped yet, this can be noted from his justified album which isnt any better than a charlotte church christmas CD- her voice sounds like a bloke's compared to justin's. This man, er should i say, munchkin, thinks he is hot stuff with his hats (yes, he accessories, how queer eye) and baggy homie trackies, but his real intention of these so called trademarked items are to conceal the fact that he has no balls (hence the loose pants, while the hat covers up the dick he has on his forehead. What Justin really should do is go back to his boyband N*SYNC where his airy fairy playmates can give him the homosexual love he craves; he just wasnt meant to be a solo artist.
"hey fred, that boy band hanson have just come back with their new song, man, even this beats justin timberlake!"

"oh my god eddy with that unbroken voice of yours and that homie outfit you could pass for a justin timberlake! please ditch your style before we all ditch you."
by puffskanx December 25, 2004
a gay feo pendejo, NO TALENT AT ALL
yo nigga pop a cap in his ass AZN STYLE
by jon wang frum middletown ny December 02, 2004

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