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A Maltese person usually living in the south of Malta in government flats with clothes drying out in their balconies.

The men are usually covered in tattoos and piercings, and work with minimum wage income...or don't work at all and just drink beer. The spike up and gell their hair even if theyve only got a couple of strands left on their head. The women wear 10 layers of make up and clothes too small for their bodies with the brightest colours from cheap, buy 3 for the price of 1 shops, have bleeched hair,and chew gum all day. Both sexes swear and curse like their lives depended on it!

The hamalli kids and teens are typical asses who practically fail all their o'levels and therefore can't get a decent job and end up blaming the government (which not only offers free education, but also gives u a freakin stipend for just showing up at skool - but hamalli still refuse to take advantage of this *shows their idioticity*) for being unemployed...

They usually own beat up citroens who look as bad as their owners do! If they don't own a car, they can be found at the back of the public transport buses...avoid at all costs; if u can't then try avoid making eye contact!!
Hamallu/a: Haq al madoffi dinja, ersaqsli minn fejn il karozza li ma mmurx nifqalek wiccek...al f*xx %l-l£b! ?mm*kk...

Hamallu/a: Aw man ara xnaqa rimmijiet u sound jifqa l'@ll@ armajtilha il karozza...xtahseb?
Decent Guy: Xorta kerha il-karozza siehbi..
Hamallu/a: *Punches other guy* *Arrested*

Places found: Valletta, Birgu, Bormla, B'Kara, Zurrieq, Zejtun, Marsa, Birzebbugia, Marsaxlokk, anywhere in the south...and some are also found in Gozo! Beware!
by yoursweetenemy December 19, 2007
A "singer" who acts black whose voice sounds like a popped helium balloon whizzing around the room!
Justin Timberlake: Ima try ta beatbox now...

Guy (with bleeding ears): Hell just shaddap mannn...
by yoursweetenemy December 19, 2007

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