a gay feo pendejo, NO TALENT AT ALL
yo nigga pop a cap in his ass AZN STYLE
by jon wang frum middletown ny December 02, 2004
Michael Jackson in a white boy suit.
Did you see Justin Timberlake trying to imitate Michael Jackson with that hat and those falsetto whoops and dancing?
by jtlaetj October 26, 2006
Simply put, the antichrist of rock. Pete Townshend would be doing the world a favor if he smashed Timberlake over the side of the head with a Les Paul like he did during his days with The Who.
Hopefully one day, we can hope that he gets his as an Amway salesman.
by Mikey November 23, 2004
1)Sexy guy formally in a band called NSYNC
2)Arrogant arse
1)Justin was screwing britney
2)Justin Timberlake is a moron that doesn't realise his fans put him where the hell he is
by Anonymous May 11, 2003
A shiny, trashy white boy with a voice that is surprisingly close to a squawking female canary, no moves, and cheesy songs.
Two guys at a kareoke (I have no idea how the hell to spell it) festival:
Dude 1: Dude, that guy sounds like Justin Timberlake.
Dude 2: So THIS is how he got to be famous!
by BobDylanROCKS October 12, 2006
1-A person who can't understand the meaning of the words..shut the fuck up!!
2-A person who fooled me into thinking he was cool...I see the light now... and I want my 15 bucks back.
3-A person who can't hide his obbession with ripping off female clothing
1-Like I love you, Rock your body, Cry me a river, etc
2-getting too much fucking play on BET, you don't see Snoop on CMT do you?
3-Hasn't he ripped open enough shirts in his days...damn!
by rachel February 20, 2004
overly gelled LIKE HAIR YOU FAG. former boybander whos bringing sexy back.
"Justin Timberlake. is such a faggot."
by jiowe.<- its african. August 20, 2006
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