the poster child of the word "white black man"
Justin Timberlake thinks he's sooo black.
by Mr. Owl knows how many licks June 16, 2010
a very very very big stupid faggot that every1 hates so much
i hate that stupid justin timberlake fag
by some ugly white cracker May 29, 2005
An example for what a few blowjobs to a music exec will get you.
Wanna get ahead in the music biz? Pull a Justin Timberlake and give everyone a blowjob!
by ImTheKingOfMyWorld August 20, 2004
A stupid, whiny, rich, talentless clown whose idiotic superbowl stunt has turned America into a Talibanesque society. He shouldve never given the right wing the excuse it needed to pursue their agenda.
Justin Timberlake's record sales were down, so were Janet Jackson's....
by BooYaa!!!!!!! March 16, 2004
Timberlake has absolutely no talent. His parents own a chain of summer camps and have been friends with top record executives whose kids attend these camps. These executives made his career as a favor to his parents. It is possible that he may be the ugliest guy on the planet. Totally manufactured star with zero talent or looks.
Milli Vanilli, fake stars.
by JaneKing February 10, 2004
A "singer" who acts black whose voice sounds like a popped helium balloon whizzing around the room!
Justin Timberlake: Ima try ta beatbox now...

Guy (with bleeding ears): Hell just shaddap mannn...
by yoursweetenemy December 19, 2007
Noun. Slang for cocaine. Justin Timberlake is very white. Cocaine is also white.
"We got bricks of da flavor, Justin Timberlake
Last year was 24, dis year is 28!"
by baiku December 07, 2007

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