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Crappy user on the SmackDown vs. Raw Social Board who likes t3h purpl3 dild0.
ghettoraider: OMG!!!1 I L13K T3H PURPL3 DILD0!!!!! OMG WTF LOLZZ!!!!!111
by ImTheKingOfMyWorld December 22, 2004
Like the name says, he is the King of his World. The greatest user on the GameFAQs SmackDown Here Comes the Pain message board. A suave mofo who has a way with the ladies, and is cooler than cool.
anonymouse GameFAQs user: I wish I could be more like ImTheKingOfMyWorld!
by ImTheKingOfMyWorld August 18, 2004
An example for what a few blowjobs to a music exec will get you.
Wanna get ahead in the music biz? Pull a Justin Timberlake and give everyone a blowjob!
by ImTheKingOfMyWorld August 20, 2004

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