whatever the hell you want it to mean.
look at that junk over there!
dude, that homework is JUNK.
by wanganator January 02, 2006
to rid onesself of
When I met Sally (the girl with the tits) I just had to junk my girlfriend.
by mharv August 23, 2003
the stuff that you leave lying around on your bedroom floor when youare busy having sex.
by bloop March 30, 2001
an act of sexual gratification, usually referring to aggressive and impulsive petting, manual, or oral sex
I got the junk last night!

Dude, get the junk!

Did she give you the junk?
by Shlongibong Bigdicksexitch April 24, 2005
n: ejaculate, semen, male climax product
I put my junk in her trunk
by kleigh December 15, 2004
a term signifying one's dissapproval or dislike.
aww junk!
by fyghter August 21, 2003
A person, place, thing or idea that is great, off the hook, terrific, outstanding, cool etc.
This crib is junk!

It's totally junk that my work load has lightened.
by ctof April 28, 2005
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