non insultive or derogatory term meaning it,that,this,these,those, stuff, thing.

"Guy didn't wanna say shit in front of the ignoramus so said junk instead, and that people asked about bass and treble in funk and all got silent."
by noixz January 14, 2009
your man parts, frank and beans, stick and two balls
Frank cried when he got punched in the junks
by Blake a.k.a Wolverine March 15, 2005
junk is when something is extremely horrible
dude that stuff is junk
by jon March 15, 2005
any non-fixable STD known as the "no good ones"
dude, get off that hooker, that bitch gots the junk.1-800-GOT-JUNK (toronto reference)
by Anonymous October 15, 2003
cool, sweet, awesome - as heard on Extreme Home Makeover.
You are so junk, and you don\'t even know it!
by getfuzzy April 26, 2005
a mix if jazz and punk
"That junk music wasnt too bad.."
"What? If its junk then how is it any good?"
"You dipshit! Learn your lingo..."
by Alisha July 08, 2004
usually white trash; wears to much eye-liner. Their clothes are way to tight. They always want to fight people. They tend to live in the South. They always have fights with their friends. They tend to lose their virginity in the 7-9th grade. They don't wash their clothes. Their hair is ALWAYS greasy. They act like they can afford American Eagle and such. They like to take pictures without their shirts.
Ohmygod, that girl loves drama as much as she loves fake Hollister, whatta junk!
by Sarah isn't my real name Smith September 01, 2009

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