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A man who is fantastic. It describes a man who is equal parts tough and sexy. He isn't to be mistaken with the overly masculine man. He is an attractive man who is an eye catcher and oozes charisma.
"I was at the club the other night dancing with this guy. He was fuckin' mantastic. We were bumping and grinding all night. He gave me his number. I think I'm gonna have to hit that shit."
by ChanLynn January 21, 2008
A person who cannot consume dairy products without getting terribly ill. Symptoms: extreme bloating, pain, becoming farty, and sometimes even nauseous.
"Would you like a piece of cheese cake, Chan?"
"No way Mioshi, I'm a lactard!"

"How about we serve kugels and blintzes?"
"Um, I'm pretty sure Nikki's a vegan and Padma's pretty lactarded. It's probably not a good idea. How about latkes and knishes?"
by ChanLynn January 21, 2008
reproductive parts of both males and females. It can include the external parts such as testicles or the inner parts such as a uterus.
1. Male example: "It's freakin' hot out, my junk is sweaty and sticking to my leg."

2. Female example: "Dude what's wrong? You look pale," first girl.
"I'm ragging and need some midol. My junk really fuckin' hurts," second girl says to the first.
by ChanLynn January 21, 2008

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