a pussy
yo im about to get some juice
by rap123 March 04, 2010
The term "juice" is used to describe something flat. It's the opposite of soda right? Soda has a little pop to it. Juice ain't really nuthn.
"That joke was some juice."
by Stephanie Longsoem February 19, 2009
Also known as alcohol, is notorious for removing sexual inhibitions at the same time as reducing sexual performance through so-called whiskey dick.
Man! I shouldn't have juiced at my chubi's house... Now I got a bitch ass whiskey dick that will get me NO pussy!
by Joeyoo2 October 16, 2008
The stuff people leave on their cigarettes when you share... ya know, spit!
Girl: Hey can I take a pull off that smoke?

Guy: Sure!

Girl: Eew Juice!
by Diana May 13, 2005
A manor of fluid excreted from the body's sexual organs.
She really likes it when you juice on her face!

Aw man! She got her juice all over my sheets!
by bunee May 11, 2005
The act of seducing and feeling a girl in order to get her genitalia wet.
-Last night I juiced her well with my tongue
by jpantsa December 15, 2010
psycho or kill/wound. it's a threat with some innuendo thrown in.
"don't make me go juice on you", "I'm gonna juice you good"
by OJ the juice simpson March 28, 2010

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