When you are irresistible to the opposite sex. In some cases, if you have extra juice you are irresistible to both.
Candace: "Ugh another guy at work wants to take me out, idk why. I don't even acknowledge them."
Nicole: "You got the juice ma"
by NThot March 26, 2014
It's what you call alcohol after you're 21, because according to retarded dumb blondes that like to one-up everyone, once you turn 21 you don't call alcoholic beverages alcohol. They are called Juice.
On my 21st birthday, I drank some juice.
by asian_biotch May 13, 2011
Adderall, or another form of methamphetamine salts in pill form, used by kids in school to study for hours.
I took juice this morning and have memorized the Evidence hornbook.
by Fear-say April 26, 2011
Appalachian meaning of electricity
Darn it, our juice went off!

Why is the juice socket not working?

The juice went out because of the storm.
by bjfromtn February 02, 2011
To liquidate, get rid of, without fear of loss or regret, either material items or relationships, and walk away, never looking back.
Darla: "Our friends keep smoking crack and are such a bunch of losers"

Kyle: "Let's juice the lot of them and move on."
by Papanator714 November 12, 2010
White people beverage that contains vitamins that black people don't know about.
Dave: Todd, Todd would you like some grape juice?
Todd: Juice, nigga what the fuck is juice, I want that purple stuff, it's sugar, water and purple
by Phantom Man January 17, 2008
1)Acronym for Join Us in Creating Excitement, Excellence, Energy - any E word that's juicy.

2)Commercial street pedlar 'slang' that is used in many variations.

3) Related to anything that will make a lot of money
"Oh man this spot is so juicy, look at all the people"
"Juice to you on that sale, man"
"I'm feelin' juiced up after that 4 pack of Redbull - I'll be able to talk so fast"
by J. andrew H. July 14, 2006

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