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Being extremely busy, usually use in Restaurant or Bar jobs.
1.. "I just got sat 8 tables, I'm in the fuck'n juice."

2.. "I've got 6 fat, fancy drinking whores, that just sat down, Man I'm in the juice, but not the good kind!"
#restaurant #bar #busy #problem #dumb #customer
by big_al_playa September 04, 2007
being the biggest dumb cunt. A teacher that should be a student.
that chick I work with has no idea what's going on but she keeps telling me what to do, she's a dumbcuntoligist
#dumb cunt #stupid #moron #idiot #annoying
by big_al_playa September 13, 2007
The ultimate Dumb Cunt see dumb cunt. A teacher that is dumber than his students, but thinks he knows everything, also applies to Co-workers, boss's etc.
1.. That teacher is the biggest dumbcuntoligist that I've ever had.

2.. Hey Brian, " that chick we work with is a dumbcuntoligist!"

3.. Hey Brian, " I think our boss is a dumbcuntoligist"
#cunt #work #dumb #stupid #moron #idiot #retard #boss
by big_al_playa September 04, 2007
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