Hydraulic electronically adjustable springs on a car that replace original shocks/springs. AKA, Hydrolics. They are used on cars such as, " Low Riders " to change the cars stance on the fly. Hydrolics can also be used to make the car lean , hop or or even jump in the air.
"... I jumped in the Fo ' hit the "Juice" on my ride ,I got front and back, side to side..."
-Eazy E
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by RichCanna November 03, 2015
A Bahamian slang for sex
He juice you aye?... Y'all is juice?.... Ashley was juicein Robby yesterday.
by pistanthrophobic March 05, 2015
Appalachian meaning of electricity
Darn it, our juice went off!

Why is the juice socket not working?

The juice went out because of the storm.
by bjfromtn February 02, 2011
1)Acronym for Join Us in Creating Excitement, Excellence, Energy - any E word that's juicy.

2)Commercial street pedlar 'slang' that is used in many variations.

3) Related to anything that will make a lot of money
"Oh man this spot is so juicy, look at all the people"
"Juice to you on that sale, man"
"I'm feelin' juiced up after that 4 pack of Redbull - I'll be able to talk so fast"
by J. andrew H. July 14, 2006
there are a few definitions of juice

1. juice could mean an electrical current

2. juice is also used as slang for illegal steroids
1. My guitar amp wasn't working cause it didn't have any juice.

2. that dude is huge! yeah he must be on the juice.
by knowitalldude January 10, 2013
It's what you call alcohol after you're 21, because according to retarded dumb blondes that like to one-up everyone, once you turn 21 you don't call alcoholic beverages alcohol. They are called Juice.
On my 21st birthday, I drank some juice.
by asian_biotch May 13, 2011
The term "juice" is used to describe something flat. It's the opposite of soda right? Soda has a little pop to it. Juice ain't really nuthn.
"That joke was some juice."
by Stephanie Longsoem February 19, 2009
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