A juggernaut is a message board idiot who has the entire board united against him, yet he continues to ignore everyone, insisting they are the idiots, and he is the only true intellectual that can understand any concept.
According to some juggernaut on the board, we are in the computer age, next will be the cyborg age, then the synthetic age, all in the next two decades.
by texsox February 07, 2006
A professional fastpitch player in the NY/NJ Metropolitan Area.
Lisa signed with the Juggernaut for the 2004 season.
by juga December 04, 2003
A word describing a certain Gary. see def of gary.
Gary is the juggernaut v2.1 with 37% more arm crossbow and rocketboot slash martini bar...clothing optional
by juggernautv2.1 July 06, 2006
a hip new dance performed by "The Company" at exclusive shows
Will you do the juggernaut? Can you do the juggernaut?
by Anonymous July 20, 2003
A big gay drug-addicted boy hungry pedophile super villan from x men. His hobbies include lighting up some joints and raping young boys from ages 3-8.
"Show your penis to the Juggernaut!"
"Let's light em up!"
by The fat kid named Alec October 14, 2006
a big fat person that is extreamly fat
look at the juggernaut at maccas again
by anna September 22, 2004

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