Used to describe a female who you may or may not need to be inebriated to fuck. A juggernaut is your typical borderline-hot-but-not-quite-there-yet girl. The word is used in place of the common "she is a three-jugger" response, which means that one will have had to have consumed three jugs of beer to consider having intercourse with said bitch. With a boarderline-hot girl, one may need to comsume a few brews, but then again, maybe not.
Yo check out dat biddie over thurr, would you hit dat?

Probably, but she is a juggernaut.
by thebigdaddylay May 23, 2010
A big, vein-covered, triumphant bastard.
by GWARADARA December 02, 2009
1) Title of the Hindu god Krishna for whom there is annual procession in which an idol is drawn on a huge wagon that fanatics throw themselves under to be crushed by the wheels.
2) Anything to which there is blind and destructive devotion, or to which people are ruthlessly sacrificed.
3) Volvos
This passion of his for Volvos is a regular juggernaut.
by Wonder Dog June 12, 2003
the 10-mile completely FLAT ski trail at Killington Mountain in Vermont. hell for snowboarders.
kid: i wanna ski outer limits!
dad: no lets take juggernaut instead.. that looks like a nice easy trail
kid (5 hrs later and still on juggernaut): still think its a good idea?
by cdrom October 24, 2005
Verb. To beat someones ass. To rock a persons' dome piece!
1. Just fight already! Juggernaut that foo!
2. Juggernaut that lil' bitch!
by ☆MaJiK☆ May 07, 2008
One whom displays vulgar acts of power amongst those that oppose him/her and in doing so smashes through walls and promotes raping and killing.
The Juggernaut broke through the wall, and beat some bitches.
by myoutlawtorn April 20, 2006
Has something to do with the dried out left over shit on bum hairs that become dreadlocks.... juggernauts!
"Bend over! I'm gonna crack open that... fuck lady you got a juggernaut factory growing out your An-nus!"
by Anonomystery January 08, 2009
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