1.the target in the game.2. everybody has to get the juggernaut.
in the game we have to pick whos the juggernaut.
by firesa January 03, 2008
A marijuana blunt/spliff filled with 2+ grams of herb. Often requires multiple papers/leaves to make.
Silly bitch, your thc tolerance is no match for me, don't you know who the fuck I am? I'm the Juggernaut!
by FriendlyWalrus August 06, 2006
A large German sandwhich. The fillings of this sandwich include; sausages, baby birds, and cute little puppies.
Polnische Wurst ist gut gut!

by ConsumerWhore April 15, 2005
A person with large breasts, or jugs.
"Damn what a juggernaut!"
by haam December 09, 2004
Enormous tits, originally made up by Marin shloss.
Rebbecas boobs are often reffered to as juggernauts.
by Adam (PIMP) August 25, 2003
Juggernaut Used as a title for the Hindu deity Krishna.
Its time to dhroove it dhroove it with the Juggernaut
by J@br0n1 M0nk3y April 26, 2003
Variant of "Jagannath," a name for the Hindu deity Krishna. "Juggernaut" is likely a British mispronunciation.

Today, though, a "juggernaut" is generally a force beyond mortal control.
Hapless mortal: "What hit me?"
by Setsuna September 14, 2004
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