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1. The uncanny, irrefutable act of being a juggernaut; acting in such ways as to depict a juggernaut or juggernaut-like character.

2. Being an asshole.
1. That guy was juggernauting around on stage like he owned the whole theater.

2. "I wish you'd stop juggernauting parents are really starting to get pissed off."
#juggernaut #jugganaut #asshole #jugernaut #jugernauting #jugganauting
by aksival February 12, 2007
The act of sticking to a topic of conversation regardless of the interest of those around you, or their attempts to change the subject.
Man 1: Hank smoked a bowl the other night and preached about Warhammer 40k for 3 solid hours!

Man 2: Why didn't you just change the subject?

Man 1: We tried. He was juggernauting, there was no stopping him.
#juggernauting #filibusterer #long winded #preaching #stfu
by Crixiss December 08, 2011
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