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A shit so terrible and so vile that it renders the receiving device completely unusable until somebody in facilities arrives to repair it. The GBU-28 missile was given the nickname 'Bunker Buster' because of it's similar effect on caves in Afghanistan.
James just ate four grilled-stuffed burritos from Taco Bell...watch out, he's gonna drop a bunker buster!
by aksival February 01, 2007
A term most commonly used in technology fields which describes the process of overcoming technological challenges by using spontaneous, irrational, and otherwise ignorant solutions that will most likely lead to much bigger problems in the future.
The email server went down again because the last systems guy that worked on it asshacked the configuration.
by aksival June 08, 2007
1. The uncanny, irrefutable act of being a juggernaut; acting in such ways as to depict a juggernaut or juggernaut-like character.

2. Being an asshole.
1. That guy was juggernauting around on stage like he owned the whole theater.

2. "I wish you'd stop juggernauting around...my parents are really starting to get pissed off."
by aksival February 12, 2007
To fuck inconsiderably hard, resulting in torn vaginas, chafed penises, and bloody sheets.
Rob and Tammy kept me up all night bed slamming in the guest room.
by aksival November 09, 2007
The combination of the word "raunchy" and "tonsils". Although the term is not gender-specific, it most commonly refers to a female who is forced to take a vicious fart in the mouth.

'ronsils' can also occur as a result of a fart sandwich, but is not nearly as funny as the first condition.
We held Vicky down and farted bare-ass right into her mouth...she had a bad case of the ronsils for at least a week :)
by aksival September 11, 2007
A device designed or used for the purpose of depositing feces. Said device may be a toilet, a paper bag, or simply a hole in the ground.
1. Whilst camping, it is highly recommended to designate an appropriate meat catcher before dark.

2. When you realize it's Panera Time, you'd better start looking for a meat catcher.
by aksival January 18, 2007
The act of being second in line to another person, especially in an undesirable situation.
Example 1
Rich second-lined Sam in the bathroom at Taco Bell...he barely made it out alive.

Example 2
"I heard Mike was second lining every drunk girl he could find at the party last weekend."
"Yeah, he's got the drips now."
by aksival February 01, 2007

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