a typical Juggalo
a typical Juggalo

A juggalo (or juggalette) is a retard who thinks the most important thing in the world is the fact that he listens to Insane Clown Posse. Clearly Icp is the most UN-important thing in the world. They believe they're making a statement by saying they kill people with axes. "Hatchet-man" carries a meat cleaver, not a hatchet. They wear clown make up, not realizing they just look like an army of queers. They think they are wearing make up because they were outcasts in society, when in reality, it's the make up and shitty grammar that made them outcasts in the first place.

Juggalos will often wear clown make-up to ICP shows and say "MCL" at the end of posts ("Much Clown Love"). Many juggalos like to pretend they have some sort of social disorder, (wetting the bed) but do not be fooled. One of the idiots from ICP is bipolar or something retarded and unimportant like that so they all think being "insane" is cool.

Juggalos are known for their anti-homosexual ideals and poor spelling (because they're too busy with a cock in their mouths).

Many Juggalos also happen to be furries, which doesn't make a lot of sense with their anti-homosexual stance, but does go along with the whole outcast from society bullshit they whine about.

While some ALL juggalos are not TOTAL retards, few NONE of them are worth your time. A lot of them are trailer trash that would be listening to their sisters fucking the entire trailerpark if they didn't have SOMETHING blasting out of their crappy stolen mini-stereo, so they play this.

Juggalos are also often stoners who feel it is necessary to play the song "Homies" ad nauseam and tend to have major acne issues (the true reason why they cover their faces with idiotic make-up. Ironically, it's also part of the reason why they have such horrible acne in the first place.)

With their sixth album's release, ICP revealed that the Dark Carnival is, in fact, a complete and separate version of Christianity in which it is believed that god has bestowed upon the Juggalos their own private Juggalo heaven called "Shangri-La", Which was actually a fictional heaven from some book by James Hilton. (this favor is most likely due to their extreme holiness and tendency towards morality). In this "religion" it is also assumed that the images associated with ICP album covers are agents of god who judge everyone upon their death. Unfortunately, this is no joke and is actually believed to be the truth by a select few. With this, finally someone has brought into light the obviously true fact that god gives preferential treatment to fans of Psychopathic Record bands. Also, ICP members are all prophets put here on Earth like Jesus to spread their holy messages; upon death, they shall rise again. These are all infallible truths that you would know if you had read the bible.

In a fantastic display of individual thought, many juggalos converted in order to remain "down with the clowns."

The Dark Carnival is retarded.
# Shaggy does not write his own music.
# Billy Bill likes it in the ass.
Did you know
that... ICP also stands for Internet Child Porn?
# Juggalos are known for their attraction to shitty music, city lights, and country fairs.
# Juggalos are often spotted in front of major malls, but since none of them own a car, are driven there by their parents.
# Juggalos make up all of the 5% unemployed Americans.
# The first known Juggalo was created after gay buttsex involving a trailer-trash redneck and a heavily intoxicated racist wigger.
# While Juggalos can be found in any major city, one place you will never find a Juggalo is a college campus.
# Clowns aren't 'scary' and the half-assed abomination they call rap doesn't make them either.
# 99.9% of Juggalos everywhere are convicted rapists.
# Juggalettes have bigger penises than Juggalos.
# Juggalos or Juggalettes have no friends..
by ICP_SUX January 15, 2008
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a bunch of retards with no lives.
who basically worship the retard band insane clown posse. they enjoy retarrd things such as faygo, hatchetts, and prostitutes... and cherrry pie. they like retard songs with meanings such as "oh im gonna break into your house, and chop off your toes while you're sleeping and then shove your dog in my penis." they believe that they have some sort of family. and they take faygo showers, which are pointless
"oh i beat some juggalo' ass yesterday because he wouldn't shut up about icp."
by odoyleyourmom April 20, 2009
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A counterproductive person that attempts to be an individual but since everybody else pretends in similar ways, they be came a contradictory group. Mainly Insane Clown Posse fans, they believe in something called "Prophecy of the Dark Carnival" which is equivalent to a Circus version of Scientology. According to them, your fate is determined by, get this, a jack-in-the-box. The prophecy sounds like a random spiel of crap thought up by a gothic kid on an acid trip at the circus. Anyways, Juggalos, despite their codes and laws and such, are far from original/unique do to the fact that they basically act like ICP.
Juggalo: I'm so unique.
Juggalo2: So am I!
Juggalo: No, you're just a poser of ICP, fag!
Juggalo2: Dude, you're wearing an ICP shirt and drinking Faygo!
Juggalo: But you're a poser, I'm unique!
Juggalo3: I'm the most unique.
Juggalo2: Hey, we're supposed to love... Wanna go drink faygo and talk about the Dark Carnival?
Juggalo3: I wanna ride the Dark Rollercoaster!
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A primary Example of what happens to society when some one is always tired of being the bitch. Juggalos like all social groups are brought together by a mutual interest in somthing. The word itself is derived from a concert (ICP concert) when some douche bag said: "are there any juggalos in the house?" and the rest they say is history. but at current juggalos are the sociological equivilincy of herpys. they are annoying hard to get rid of, and you usually know some one who has them around. They are obnoxios and tend to be aggressive when in large numbers. but without, they are pussies. *NOTE* They are pansies to the degree of carrying weapons, and usually think they have balls when they carry them. Its should be also noted that when a juggalo picks a fight with you, chances are they will bring friends, so just suprise him, (dont jump him) but suprise him.
Juggalo: Whoop whoop

Guy 1: your gay

Juggalo: you just dont get me, you don't understand juggalo life.

Guy 2: its not that he dosn't get you, its just the fact that he doesn't care.

Juggalo: yo man, thats not cool, i am part of a family.

Guy 1: so where the nazis
by FarmerGomez November 25, 2009
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A white cracker fuckface who is a total insult to white people, they put on clown makeup to hide the fact that they are homosexuals and threaten to kill people with hatchets if they aren't "down for some ass sex with the clown". They should NOT under any circumstances be taken as a threat because their insults couldn't even intimidate a 5 year old, and if I was to see a bunch of clown fags running after me I would die laughing.
I hate the ICP, they are a lame band if I dare call them a band.


I grab the Juggalo by the throat and beat the holy fuck out of them.
by Mr. Zimpy July 15, 2010
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An infestation in American High Schools, usually consisting of losers and dropouts. This crowd listens to obnoxious as well as ridiculous and laughable music. Their life revolves around a group who call themselves ICP, or Insane Clown Posses. ICP’s goal is to worn the world of impending doom. Each Joker's Card (album) featured the cryptic message "After All Six Have Risen The End Of Time Will Consume Us All". Another important thing about Juggalos are that they’re mad faggots who cannot fight or take criticism for their pathetic music and existence.
Nick: Dude, our School's grounds are littered with Juggalos.

Michael: Yeah... That's a problem.
by refresco December 14, 2007
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Juh-guh-low adjective; The personification of reverse evolution when applied to an individual already possessing the character and attributes of a complete and total Neanderthal. The absolute lowest form of human life whose filthy appearance and lack of intelligence and moral compass is ineffectively camouflaged by a layer of sheep cum disguised as clown makeup.

Made possible by society's legal restriction from throwing its inept, useless, destructive members into a pit full of hungry, irate alligators. Usually travel in packs to avoid the general disdain and violent tendency that good civilians have towards child molesters, spousal abusers and pregnant druggies.

United in their desire for methamphetamine, welfare checks, and butt sex from their leaders, the Insane Clown Posse, who have renounced them several times although Juggalos are not intelligent enough to discern this from the painfully simplistic lyrics they worship.
1. Farmer's wife: "I heard a hell of a racket in the barn last night. Is everything alright?"

Farmer: "God Damn Juggalos trying to blow the sheep again, I painted the walls with their brains. Thank God for my trusty shotgun."

2. Sherlock Holmes: "I dare say, Watson, I simply cannot deduce whether that clown-painted poof is male, female or if it is simply a smoking manatee with a hideous skin condition and appalling taste in fashion."

Watson: "Very good sir, shall we kill it before it reproduces?"

3. Jesus: "I have died on the cross and overcome death so that you may be cleansed of your sin and walk with Him in the Kingdom of Heaven. And the Bible sayeth: No Juggalo fags allowed."

4. Juggalo: "Whoop whoop MCL family, lets butt-pork until society stops hatin' on us."

Normal citizen: *BANG* "Got one, high five!"

5. Juggalo: "Hatters gonna hat"

Me: "Fuck my life, the human race is doomed"
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