White trash hill billy adults who yell "whoop whoop" at each other while splashing grape Faygo on each other's clown makeup. Whoever buys more expensive or rare ICP merchandise is the bigger Juggalo. The quest to becoming the greatest Juggalo ever is by buying as much ICP merchandise and Psychopathic Records merchandise as you can.

Only once you buy 10,000 dollars worth of Juggalo merchandise, can you be considered a true Juggalo.
"I bought a half drunken bottle of grape Faygo that Violent J drank out of in 1998 off of Ebay therefore I am a true Juggalo."
by boozec April 11, 2010
Well, to start off, I've met a fair amount of Juggalos in my time and most of the ones I've seen are, well to put this as nicely as possible, faggots. I'm not saying they all are, but from what I've heard and experienced most are. A few think they're hardasses but they really aren't. They say they would die for there Juggalo family but they're lying. They preform petty crimes they think they are going to get away with and the few I've met try to pick fights with people they know they can't win. In reality the Juggalo Family is really just a fakeass gang, who will probably get shot up by Crips or Bloods or the Mafia.
Juggalo = A weird ass kid who shares smiliar traits with Emos but have a different taste in music.
by Fuckwititbitchjuggalos September 04, 2008
A huge faggot dumb ass mother fucker with no friends who thinks hes part of a family but that family consists of a bunch inbread lonely goth spackers (mostly white) who act black and think they're hardcore and talk a lot of shit n never have anything to back it up and should not be aloud to exist on Earth and should be shot immediately on sight. Juggalos also enjoy taking it up the butt from one another. I guess they worship the group ICP (notice I didn't say band because they don't deserve to be called one), and drink shitty soda at there meetings and have sex with each other.
Dude 1: "What the fuck is a god damn juggalo? I keep hearing that name around the school and I want to know what the fuck one is!"

Dude 2: "You know that white trash faggot who got his ass kicked the other day cause he was picking a fight with someone twice his size

Dude 1: "Ya, I think so."

Dude 2: "Ya, that kid calls himself a juggalo."
by WC Chea October 21, 2009
Actually a juggalowlife, they always say MMFCL, which stands for more mother fuckin clown losers. a juggalo will have nothing but ICP for there wardrobe and will usually practice poor hygiene and grammar. any penny they make goes to ICP merch. They never heard of any other bands or music outside of ICP. they believe anything the gay twins will say from the band. Juggalowlifes will make the most stupid remarks to what you have to say and will always think ICP is the best and would die for them.
The juggalowlife sure can pump gas and suck dick.
by patar fwee fwee August 30, 2009
a sad cunt that has no taste in music or fashion and thinks clown make up and singing about killing people with a hatchet is cool that and think there ninjas but are all nothing more or less then surban white kids acting ghetto. 1. the clown make up and thinking your a ninja makes you look like a a fag and thinking becasue your a "juggalo" you can beat the shit outta anyone just makes them pethetic cunts, its a shame we cant kill people like this on sight as it would be fuckin handy as hell but since muder is shunned we cant so my best advice to people is laugh at them for how much of a big pair of clow shoes they look like.
guy 1.look at that fag juggalo he looks like a total retard he dont look wicked he looks like a pair of clown shoes
guy 2. yeah what a spacker
by rob lord October 01, 2007
A fan of ICP. Easily identified by having numerous ridiculous large-sized Isane Clown Posse stickers on a rusty ford escort or dodge shadow. Usually accompanied by a 2 liter of Faygo. Generally skeezy in nature, usually escorted by underage female or "juggahoe". A high concentration of Juggalo's reside in rural areas in michigan, although Juggalo's are found throughout the United States and Canada.
"A bunch of Juggalo's in line for the ICP halloween funhouse verbally assulted me while I was at the stoplight at Park and Kalamazoo!"
by nsmi327 September 05, 2006
1. A faggot that likes Horrorcore music. Such as: ICP, Twiztid, Esham, Natas, Project Dead Man,Dark Lotus and Zug Island.
That fat piece of shit is a juggalo.
by Brett Snyder June 01, 2005

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