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Masturbating Clown Losers
Juggalo 1: Yo homie. MCL. Lets go listen to ICP and masturbate, dawg.

Juggalo 2: Word up g. Lets listen to twiztid and suck each other off!

Heterosexual man: Haha! Look at those masturbating clown losers!
by ICPKilla September 20, 2010
Much Clown Love. Used to say bye to someone in the world of Juggalos and Juggalettes. Also known as MMFCL= Much Mother F**king Clown Love. MMFWCJNHFL= Much Mother F**king Clown Juggalo Ninja Hatchet Family Love... But that's only for messed up people!
Yo, I'm out man... MCL
by ChrisThaUndying January 10, 2004
Much Clown Love
Later guys - MCL
MCL im off

Mainly used by Juggalos/ets (ICP)
by CrazyMAC July 01, 2003

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