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A Juggalo is generally someone who listens to "The Insane Clown Posse". Most juggalos whine and complain about how terrible their life is, instead of growing a pair and dealing with it. Generally a middle class child from the suburbs of sunny Florida.

Silent Gay and Faggy 2 Dope are a disgrace to all of Detroit, and completely dilute what Detroit is really about. Havin' fun and kickin' ass.
Rational Person: Damn, things aren't going well right now. I'm gonna call up some friends to cheer me up.

The next day:
Wow, what a great party haha.

Juggalo: Damn yo, society's fucked up. Why ain't it normal to wear face paint at the age of 22 dog? They discriminatin' at us, callin' us freaks. Why we so poor, why errybody be hatin' on me. MORE SULKING MORE SULKING MORE SULKING MORE SULKING MORE SULKING MORE SULKING MORE SULKING MORE SULKING MORE SULKING MORE SULKING.

The next day: Suicide.
by DxTroit June 17, 2009
A member of a gang. Plain and simple. You can call them "family" if you want. But it's still a gang. They have a clear leader (ICP). They claim a phisical territory (usually a mall or nearby park). And I've yet to meet a juggalo who doesn't commit crimes on a regular basis. If you don't thats great, sorry so many others ruin it for you.
A juggalo is just another crypt or blood as far as I'm concerned. Just instead of fighting over favorite color, most will attack you (but they only attack in groups anywa) if you don't like ICP.

I personally have been jumped and threatened with murder and rape by juggalos before, all because I wandered into the wrong park to be with my girl. There's your fucking family for you.

I'll never say i hate juggalos because I don't believe in hate. But if you have ever hit someone or bitched someone out for not liking ICP you are a juggafag. I now some cool juggalos they know my veiws and we're square, they don't talk about ICP around me I don't talk shit about ICP around them.
by Kottonmouth Soildier June 18, 2007
A bunch of Brainwashed fags. A group that Violent J and Shaggy started to get all the fag ass 12 year old boys to buy their 10,000 records that are on the shelf. These people are losers.
Sane person A: Hey!! look at the juggalo.
Sane person B: Haha, look at how much of a loser he is
Juggalo: Da six joker cards foo.
Sane person A: *smack*
Sane person B: *smack*
Juggalo: ima stick a shotgun up your ass!!!
Sane person A and B: hahahahahahahahaha
by Alex E January 20, 2005
a little pussy ass goth boy. that likes it in the ass
fuck off juggalo. ur a little pussy ass bitch
by ijubiubv October 25, 2007
Bunch of white boys who want to have their own gang.....
ooh look at me i wear paint
i pretned im a clown
homie, juggalo for life
down with the clown

stop stealing stuff off us mexicans u stupid white trash
by MExIcan April 12, 2005
Inane white trash individuals, rendered mentally defective from years of trailerpark inbreeding. The realization of self inadequecy leads said individuals to both relate to, and even idolize, the equally imbecilic "music" group Insane Clown Posse.

see also: douche bag
Man, trailer trash douche bags who call themselves juggalos just piss everyone off.
by US Army Recon November 24, 2009
A fat white trash fuck whos day consists of listining to icp and then painting their obese inbred face with clown paint. juggalos claim they are deep and intelligent, when they are nasty as hell and wish to fuck those they are related to and extemely poor. DO NOT come into contact with a juggalo, or risk developing an STD or sever mental retardation.
guy: hey look at that poor pizza face juggalo

R.J juggalo: yo dawg i like clown cock

guy: your nasty as shit go take a bath
by bambambambambamolo December 08, 2009