A fan of ICP. Easily identified by having numerous ridiculous large-sized Isane Clown Posse stickers on a rusty ford escort or dodge shadow. Usually accompanied by a 2 liter of Faygo. Generally skeezy in nature, usually escorted by underage female or "juggahoe". A high concentration of Juggalo's reside in rural areas in michigan, although Juggalo's are found throughout the United States and Canada.
"A bunch of Juggalo's in line for the ICP halloween funhouse verbally assulted me while I was at the stoplight at Park and Kalamazoo!"
by nsmi327 September 05, 2006
1. A faggot that likes Horrorcore music. Such as: ICP, Twiztid, Esham, Natas, Project Dead Man,Dark Lotus and Zug Island.
That fat piece of shit is a juggalo.
by Brett Snyder June 01, 2005
A primary Example of what happens to society when some one is always tired of being the bitch. Juggalos like all social groups are brought together by a mutual interest in somthing. The word itself is derived from a concert (ICP concert) when some douche bag said: "are there any juggalos in the house?" and the rest they say is history. but at current juggalos are the sociological equivilincy of herpys. they are annoying hard to get rid of, and you usually know some one who has them around. They are obnoxios and tend to be aggressive when in large numbers. but without, they are pussies. *NOTE* They are pansies to the degree of carrying weapons, and usually think they have balls when they carry them. Its should be also noted that when a juggalo picks a fight with you, chances are they will bring friends, so just suprise him, (dont jump him) but suprise him.
Juggalo: Whoop whoop

Guy 1: your gay

Juggalo: you just dont get me, you don't understand juggalo life.

Guy 2: its not that he dosn't get you, its just the fact that he doesn't care.

Juggalo: yo man, thats not cool, i am part of a family.

Guy 1: so where the nazis
by FarmerGomez November 25, 2009
A juggalo/juggalette are emo-wiggers who think fuckin faggots like icp,twiztid,abk,or boondox are rap/hip-hop,they also enjoy drinking cheap ass flat faygo rootbeer and going to gatherings were they worship icp.
Juggalo 4 life Eminem fucking sucks!!!!
by michael is suppa fly July 10, 2008
A Juggalo is someone akin to a Trekkie,but instead of being obsessed with Star Trek they are obsessed with ICP.Usually they are white kids that want to act like black gangsters.
If anyone ever even tried to ascociate me with Juggalo they'd get punched in the fucking balls

oh yeah ICP fucking sucks kids...it's a huge fat guy and a skinny little geek that think they are bad asses and rap about siht they've never done and never will do.
"I take it up the ass cause I'm a Juggalo"
by Fuck ICP December 06, 2007
Used to be associated solely with terrible taste in music, now it's also some pseudo-religious crap Fatshit The Clown came up with to sell more records. Most juggalos are between 14 and 18, and they're all (that probably means you, wipe that goddamn make up off your face) complete dumbasses.
juggalos...what a bunch of fucks
by lolenator June 24, 2007
A counterproductive person that attempts to be an individual but since everybody else pretends in similar ways, they be came a contradictory group. Mainly Insane Clown Posse fans, they believe in something called "Prophecy of the Dark Carnival" which is equivalent to a Circus version of Scientology. According to them, your fate is determined by, get this, a jack-in-the-box. The prophecy sounds like a random spiel of crap thought up by a gothic kid on an acid trip at the circus. Anyways, Juggalos, despite their codes and laws and such, are far from original/unique do to the fact that they basically act like ICP.
Juggalo: I'm so unique.
Juggalo2: So am I!
Juggalo: No, you're just a poser of ICP, fag!
Juggalo2: Dude, you're wearing an ICP shirt and drinking Faygo!
Juggalo: But you're a poser, I'm unique!
Juggalo3: I'm the most unique.
Juggalo2: Hey, we're supposed to love... Wanna go drink faygo and talk about the Dark Carnival?
Juggalo3: I wanna ride the Dark Rollercoaster!
by Really hates people that suck March 30, 2007

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