Posers who usually don't have real problems but try to create them for themselves to seem "hardcore". They use Halloween as an excuse to paint their faces like retards and go have a "bomb" time. Juggalos are usually good people until they decide to become total retards and do drugs and drink just to fit in and make a status for themselves within their group of twisted friends. Juggalos don't have real friends either. They use each other for weed and rides and sometimes alcohol. They don't do anything to make their lives better and hide out behind their "hardcore" music and drug habits. They're too lazy to get jobs but have crazy ambitions that will obviously never come true. Some of them are smart but don't want anyone to know because god forbid you pass school. They claim that it is not a cult or religion, yet they act like they worship "The Hatchet". Juggalos are usually too brainwashed to understand how fucking dumb they really sound when they talk about fatass clowns who rap about weed, pussy, and pubic hair.
"I don't give a fuck! I'm a juggalo"

"Shut the hell up..."
by chickensh1thead November 10, 2009
A juggalo/juggalette are emo-wiggers who think fuckin faggots like icp,twiztid,abk,or boondox are rap/hip-hop,they also enjoy drinking cheap ass flat faygo rootbeer and going to gatherings were they worship icp.
Juggalo 4 life Eminem fucking sucks!!!!
by michael is suppa fly July 10, 2008
An infestation in American High Schools, usually consisting of losers and dropouts. This crowd listens to obnoxious as well as ridiculous and laughable music. Their life revolves around a group who call themselves ICP, or Insane Clown Posses. ICP’s goal is to worn the world of impending doom. Each Joker's Card (album) featured the cryptic message "After All Six Have Risen The End Of Time Will Consume Us All". Another important thing about Juggalos are that they’re mad faggots who cannot fight or take criticism for their pathetic music and existence.
Nick: Dude, our School's grounds are littered with Juggalos.

Michael: Yeah... That's a problem.
by refresco December 14, 2007
A primary Example of what happens to society when some one is always tired of being the bitch. Juggalos like all social groups are brought together by a mutual interest in somthing. The word itself is derived from a concert (ICP concert) when some douche bag said: "are there any juggalos in the house?" and the rest they say is history. but at current juggalos are the sociological equivilincy of herpys. they are annoying hard to get rid of, and you usually know some one who has them around. They are obnoxios and tend to be aggressive when in large numbers. but without, they are pussies. *NOTE* They are pansies to the degree of carrying weapons, and usually think they have balls when they carry them. Its should be also noted that when a juggalo picks a fight with you, chances are they will bring friends, so just suprise him, (dont jump him) but suprise him.
Juggalo: Whoop whoop

Guy 1: your gay

Juggalo: you just dont get me, you don't understand juggalo life.

Guy 2: its not that he dosn't get you, its just the fact that he doesn't care.

Juggalo: yo man, thats not cool, i am part of a family.

Guy 1: so where the nazis
by FarmerGomez November 25, 2009
An idiot who has a bowl cut and wears clown make up. White trash.
"Hey look at that fat kid over there wearing JNCO's and an ICP shirt. What a juggalo moron."
by clowes July 24, 2006
A Juggalo is someone akin to a Trekkie,but instead of being obsessed with Star Trek they are obsessed with ICP.Usually they are white kids that want to act like black gangsters.
If anyone ever even tried to ascociate me with Juggalo they'd get punched in the fucking balls

oh yeah ICP fucking sucks kids...it's a huge fat guy and a skinny little geek that think they are bad asses and rap about siht they've never done and never will do.
"I take it up the ass cause I'm a Juggalo"
by Fuck ICP December 06, 2007
Used to be associated solely with terrible taste in music, now it's also some pseudo-religious crap Fatshit The Clown came up with to sell more records. Most juggalos are between 14 and 18, and they're all (that probably means you, wipe that goddamn make up off your face) complete dumbasses.
juggalos...what a bunch of fucks
by lolenator June 24, 2007

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