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ok so i would like to start off letting you know that im a juggalo im 14 and i am also not a "wigger" i know how to spell i have decent grades in school and i think that many of the juggalos posting stuff need to learn to read through what they wrote and fix all the stuff they messed up because thats one of the big reasons juggalos are stereotyped as idiots and immature ok so now to my definition of a juggalo

<A juggalo is someone who usually listens to some kind of psychopathic music but beyond that it is a way of life, a life of faygo family music and friends who will always have your back (juggalo or not) we dont belong to a gang or clan or something stupid like that we belong to a family and you dont like it thats your opinion but you dont have to go out of your own pathetic way and pick on ppl just because of the music we listen to MMFWCL.>
guy1: hey isn't that kid a juggalo?

guy2: yea i think so.

guy1: i hate juggalos!

guy2: why?

guy1: because im a stereotyping,close minded person that met one idiot juggalo and i assumed that they must all be the same
by m0jeezy May 22, 2008

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