J.P. stands for jewish princess. jewish princess refers to a jewish girl who is very spoiled by her parents, and gets mainly everything she wants.
"man, that girl is such a j.p. her dad gets her everything"
#princess #spoiled #spoil #girl #parents
by amaziing person January 14, 2007
Top Definition
just playin, ppl usually use this when on the internet
synonym :jk (just kiddin)
jackass_fo_life4325: yous a ho bitch, back up!
chick0102: fuck u nigga!
jackass: u no im jp
chick0102: oh ok is all good
by anonymous December 29, 2003
an abbreviation for John Paul, John Patrick or John Peter,
also, usually a good looking guy who gets all the ladies, also look under athletic, handsome or charming,
Im going to name my son JP so he can grow up to be President
#jpizzle #jp #john #paul #jpab
by ile December 01, 2007
a sweetheart, an angel, patient and kind, quick witted, sarcastic and a blessing to anyone lucky enough to have them in their life.
what a jp, when did he get in from heaven?
by mari December 28, 2004
Acronym; Just Playing
damn im jp u dont need to take it so seriously
by shibady shibady shwa January 14, 2003
Jumbo Penis
MAAAAAN! dat guy has a JP!!
#penis #large #sex #jumbo #funny
by masogirl2k9 December 06, 2009
a crazy/ sexy/ cool kinda-guy
That jp sure is the best guy to ever live.
by gina August 19, 2003
an abbreviation for "just playin'"
eeww you kissed the librian haha jp
#jp #j.p. #just #playin #playing
by I Love AnO March 17, 2006
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