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Just Kidding!
you ugly as a troll in the morning. jk'in ya just jk'n ya!!
by catie H December 11, 2003
Just kidding. Used at the end of a sentence to make it completely void, therefore contributing nothing to the conversation and wasting everyone's time.
Therefore used mainly by n00bs and tards.
Tard:I hate your country, I hate your culture, and I hate your FACE! jk
Someone else: stfu
by Johnny The Homicidal Maniac November 06, 2005
- not serious
- joking around
You are not gay!, JK!
by G i L October 07, 2003
-just kidding
-What people use to say crap about you to you in your face and mean it but not be a complete jerk directly to you, but still are.

FYI: 75% of the time people say JK they aren't...
(Football Team's record is 0-10)
Player: You are the freaking worst QB I have ever seen!! JK!
QB: ..... ..lets see you do it......
by David Rivera May 21, 2006
Abbrieviation of "Just Kidding". Often mistaken as an abbrieviation of "Jokes", but this is still a widely accepted form of it.
"Lyke I was jk"
"Lolmfao, jk"
by AnnoyedBlackGuy July 12, 2006
just kidding or just playing around
"Hey,I met bow wow yesterday and he told me he wanna go with me" JK
by Taylor November 24, 2003
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