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the perfect filler word, can be used in any circumstance to signify any noun, take the place of any verb, describe any action or noun.
we should jown.

what's the name of that jown?

the studio, that's my jown.

don't jown me
by jowntastic September 12, 2011
To jawesomely own someone or something.
See jawesome and own.
I friggin jown u noob!
by Plasmagician August 23, 2005
1. Jew-Obsessed White Nationalist. Someone who thinks the best way to secure their people's existence and a future for their children is to become a keyboard warrior in the Manichean struggle against Jews.

Can be distinguished by a certain writing style, three-fifths paranoid and two-fifths hostile, and an inability to say anything nice about anybody, even his own people.

2. A term of abuse for anyone more critical of Jews than you are.

Rhymes with 'noun.'
1. "Eric's a total jown right now. I can't have a conversation with him without him steering it back to the Frankfurt School, Hollywood or Paul Wolfowitz."

2. "It's fine that you don't like the Jews, but you don't have to be a Jown about it."
by Mister Something March 21, 2012
Jown = Jacking Off With Noose. This acronym is used to describe the act of holding a noose around ones neck while masterbating profusely.
Man, I can't wait to get home and Jown.
I woke up last night to Michael Jowning.
I've got a Jowning headache.
by Alan Callahan February 04, 2008

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