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A variant of the word owned, where the J is simply added in front of "owned" (the J is used when trying to imitate a Jamaican). Mostly used in video games.
"Hey Sam, guess what? I just Jowned that guy in the jeep with my zero! He never knew what hit him."
by Babo Sang Pyo September 15, 2005
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Being owned by embarrassment by a person named Joe, where the person is someone annoying or unpleasant to interact with. For further details, see the urban dictionary definition of owned.
I just got Jowned again! The fucked won't leave me alone!
by bladaksdkjds July 10, 2008
When someone with the name John-Jon-Joe-Joel or anything with J-O in it, owns pwns someone.
man, you just got Jowned.

did you see Bobby get Jowned?
by John DeWhitt January 17, 2006

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