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It pretty much means "im jokin", "jokin" and "playin with ya".

This term is most used in California.
Dude, you look like a f**cked up monkey. Haha, im just joshin..........but seriously you should something about your face.
by Yazziiii February 05, 2010
i'm just joking
man chill i was just joshin wif ya
by tixbut March 21, 2004
joshin is slang for messing around
Im just joshin with you
by Jason Lewis-Moe March 29, 2004
just jokin with people, or kidding, a joke
your sooo hot.........no just joshin ya!
by guadelupe January 25, 2005
when a person is just joking.
"your a fag travis!", "just joshin buddy!"
by mitch gullvier August 29, 2005
to be kidding about something.
oh, calm down I was joshin'.
by joshui July 20, 2006
playing around/kidding
tom:that test was so easy!
cheyann:ur joshin me! it was SO hard!
by Alexis October 17, 2003
A joke, just kidding, not serious
I'm just joshin, don't take it seriously.
by Jodi G. April 08, 2007