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phrase used when you get with a girl at a bar or party take her home and get her naked, sounds good right, well half way through you realize that she is fucking nasty, fugly and fat AH SHIT DAMMIT gross, so you say you remember some thing and split with a wood
the yag-bombs finally wore off and i found myself fucking bigfoot, hair and all, so i had to split wood and haven't mentioned it sense.
by Jay-Hawk September 20, 2007
it means like totally confused duh
i hate economics i am totally tycie about ir
by Jay-Hawk September 17, 2007
joshin is a term that you use when you make a good joke and someone gets mad cause there a total dueschbag and can't take a joke hey, its a joke go fuck yourself asshole(jk jk lol)
dude calm down i was joshin dawg
by Jay-Hawk September 10, 2007
beer is the reason i beleave god looks like carl of aquateen hunger force and lives in a trailer park, all hail steve beer god
this beer is so good steve the god of hops and aging must have made it himself
by Jay-Hawk September 10, 2007
a player is one of the lucky ones, chosen as closly as the deciples of christ they hold the keychain for chassity belts of bitches everywhere bitches are found, they huff puff and fuck the shit out of anyone they want
He's with another girl, shit what a player.
by Jay-Hawk September 17, 2007
i love the SD don't get me wrong foo's but shit, man, come on it so f'in boring DAMMIT i'm going out of my f'im mind here, you know what it means right south dakota it means land of the no vagina there are like 3 girls here and two of them are my cousins AAAHHH SHIT
Dude this party is a total sausagefest, we pulled a south dakota not inviting any chick.
by Jay-Hawk September 10, 2007
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