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suffix meaning similar to.
his style is DaVanci-esque, but with Johns influence as well.
by annon. February 08, 2004
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A suffix added to any noun to show some type of likeness. Used as an adjetive.
Jane: That letter you sent me was so novel-esque!
Jim: My hand is so elderly-esque after writing for so long.

Jill: Gerald, do you like my new Hollywood-esque gown?
Gerald: Looks more Alaska-esque to me!
by Laché November 11, 2006
Means the essence of; you can add this to the end of pretty much any word to make it say the essence of that word
You are acting very Jessicaesque today with your Youth Minister comments.
You interview very Jennifer Anistonesque---so bubbly.
Liking having a big A in the middle of your name is very kindergartenesque.
by Marie2009 May 20, 2009
A black male who is always laughing and always has ways to make people laugh. You can never stay mad at him for to long. Talks way to much at the wrong time but is sweet when you get to know him.
Girl:I can never stay made at Esque he's to funny
by HitmanQ March 14, 2015
-suffix. popular around ~mid ~late 90s.

used when conceptualising a proper noun, to make essence from this noun.
An essence otherwise avilable from other sources ie. words.

marked the beginning of the -huh- friend to language that is txt spk.
that is this- esque.

txtn is newspeak- esque, but it's a good job we all know better these days- esque sort of thing, we'll not be- esque had the better of- esque.
by silencut March 03, 2009
The Hispanic or Chicano term for Supposedly
Jacob: Did you hear Raquel smashed the block this weekend?

Monica: Esque... thats what i heard
by Skudddddy February 10, 2010
Another way of expressing the word 'skabby', which refers to a person who does hilariously degrading things as a means of fun, such as stealing someone's belongings without asking, and running away playfully. It is pronounced {es-kay}
Esque! Did you see her just run away with my scissors?
by deeabee May 21, 2010

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