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It pretty much means "im jokin", "jokin" and "playin with ya".

This term is most used in California.
Dude, you look like a f**cked up monkey. Haha, im just joshin..........but seriously you should something about your face.
by Yazziiii February 05, 2010
The act of kidding around with someone, in a playful way.
"Just joshin' ya!"
by mandersz207 July 24, 2009
To lie or fib
I was joshin about there really beinng unicorns.
by Laura maxwell January 18, 2011
lying; the telling of lies.
Dude; Stop joshin' me
by yummyinmytummy33 July 31, 2008
1. Acting drunk, but not having drunk enough to actually justify the demonstrated level of drunkness.

2. Being a party-pooper, wanting to leave a party/club/event early
Did you see her last night? She was joshin' hard! She had like 2 drinks, then wanted to bail!
by joey1211 November 01, 2009
joshin is a term that you use when you make a good joke and someone gets mad cause there a total dueschbag and can't take a joke hey, its a joke go fuck yourself asshole(jk jk lol)
dude calm down i was joshin dawg
by Jay-Hawk September 10, 2007
the painfully obvious act of hitting on a person in a shady creeper or skeezer esque manner
"That gross old dude is totally joshin on me"

"Look at the guy joshin on those wasted chicks"

"Those three girls all got joshed on by that same dbag last night"
by Mice0760 August 20, 2008