Most amazing boyfriend on the planet!! Loves to help anyone and gives amazing advice. Is dead sexy despite what he says. Has a seriously hot voice. Brings a smile to your face without even trying. The sweetest person you could ever meet. He can always make you laugh by just saying one of his made up words. Loves his girlfriend with all his heart. Different than all guys because he is soo amazing. Is a sex god and will show you he loves you at any moment. Has a big dick :)
Oh that is my boyfriend Josh and I fucking love him :P.
by Josh's bitch :) December 13, 2010
A very down to earth kinda guy. Funny and serious all in one. He's really into music and this one plays base. He's into sports and he's really ripped! He's great with the ladies, yet shy when he really likes one. He never seems to know when a girl really likes him for him, and not just his body. He can get way too kocky for his own good sometimes. He gets annoyed at the stupid every day problems of people. Over all, he's amazing.
by blonderose March 10, 2010
A term used to describe an amazing guy. He has a great personality and can make anyone laugh. Usually has really pretty eyes. Always has very awesome hair. If you are lucky enough to know a Josh then you better make sure you become his best friend. If you ever want someone to talk to or get advice from just go to him. Always really sweet & everyone loves him. Can talk to him for hours on end.
Dude, i talked to Josh for four hours last night. *smile*

You so love him.

No he's just my bestfriend.

Yeah, sure.
by iloveJOSHH!(; September 03, 2010
The most amazing, handsome, gorgeous, beautiful, nice, kind, friendly, trustworthy, cutest boy/man you will ever know. Every one will want to be friends with him, and once you're friends with him you'll never regret it. He sometimes can be slightly annoying, sometimes he doesn't stop and sometimes it's really irrating. But then he'll give you the biggest hug ever & everything will be alright again. An amazing boyfriend, he'll never stop telling you how beautiful you are and how lucky he is to have you. You'll fall in love with him, you'll want him so badly you'd die for him and you'll cry over him because you want that boy to be yours. Josh is amazing. Truely, utterly & completely amazing.
Everything about Josh is amazing.
by ceeeeeeeeeeeeeuniteddddddddddd October 28, 2010
An absolutley amazing person. The best boyfriend a girl could ever have(: loves to make people laugh and always has a great time wherever he is, lives life to the fullest!
who's that really cool guy?
oh, that's my boyfriend, Josh!
lucky bitch!
by MissAnailea(: July 09, 2010
the highest decree of bombness; often seen as a righteous dude.
Jennifer: Damnnnn, look at that big poppa Josh !
Ashley: Lay-off, bitch. He's waay out of your league.
Jennifer: Damn.
by hageagd March 03, 2010
A wonderful friend & amazing boyfriend who will love so deeply & care with everything he has . He will give you his whole heart & tell you that you're beautiful even on your worse days . He is truly amazing . Sooo handsome with an amazing smile & will make you fall in love with him even more every single day . I love you Josh !!!! <3
Josh , I love that guy :)
by little fishyy May 23, 2013
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