just to mess around with someone
Just joshin' you dude!
by heather December 21, 2003
To joke or kid around.
Don't take his comment seriously, he was just joshing
by Sabrina December 12, 2002
just jokin about with someone.
im joshing big guy
im joshing..

just joshing mate.
by linzidoranisabam February 02, 2009
To put off something until the last minute, most commonly seen using a classroom assignment as the object.
Jeremy was joshing his english paper by procrastinating.

Ms. Smith: "Your report is written in crayon and has coffee stains on it."
Jeremy: "Sorry about that, ma'am. I joshed it."
Ms. Smith: "Is that blood on the edges?"
Jeremy: "It's tervor vanilla. I was hungry."
by wilywyrm January 30, 2010
Joking; just kidding: Comes from the name Joshua the jokester.
Joshua the jokester got tired of people always saying, "just kidding" a phrase that was being referred towards him, since Joshua was a jokester; therefore he decided to use joshing instead of joking, or just kidding.
by Creamtwinkies May 02, 2012
To disappoint your friends on a regular basis.

This word originated towards the end of 2014 at St Andrews, Bloemfontein when a specific learner named Josh, constantly let down his peers with illogical excuses and reasons.
Jaime: "You're still coming to the BBQ on Friday with Andrico and Dean right?"

Josh on Tuesday: "Sure I'll be there!"

Andrico on Thursday: "See you tomorrow!"

Josh: "No sorry I can't stay over I have to study."

Jaime: "Yeah right."

Josh: "Actually I don't wanna go.

Dean: "You guys see he's joshing us again..."
by TheFuze October 30, 2014
To blow a load in your own face and/or eye.
Me: I was blowing this guy and when he got off he seriously pointed it right at his face.
Friend: Omg he was joshing himself!
Me: Right?! I can't believe he did that!
by FallenAngel823 May 12, 2014

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