He's the sweetest kid you could ever meet. He loves his girlfriend and treats her amazing. He's funny, smart, and super hot. He loves just spending time with his girlfriend and cuddling. Also, loves tickle fights. Josh is the best boyfriend a girl could ever ask for.
Group of girls- "Who's that super sweet boy walking down the hallway."

Taylor- "That's Josh, Breana's boyfriend."
by BreakingBrexx November 22, 2010
He's a multi-talented, clumsy, and very funny person. Sometimes he could be very quiet, but when he's close to someone, he talks a lot. All of the stories that he told me are beyond hilarious. Mainly, I love how he cares so much about his family and putting them as his first priority.
Everything about him, was the reason that made me like him. He made me feel special. I mistaken him at first, but once I started to "actually" know him, it was all different.
He's the best guy I've ever liked. Thanks to him, I learned so much. I'm grateful for his existence and being the first guy to be part in my life.
It's this Josh that is so unique and adorable.
Some Josh's names is "Joshua," but his name is just "Josh."
Get to know this Josh and you will find him very sweet and nice.
"Oh it's Josh!"


"Oh gosh its Josh."
by mitsukiusagi November 09, 2011
A Josh is an amazing boy, who doesn't realise how much he's loved. He says the sweetest things, but then changes his mind a while later. Even though he hurts a lot of people, they still love him and they want him to still talk to them like he used to. A Josh usually considers how people feel before doing anything, a Josh usually cares.
Friend 1: Heyy, what's up?
Friend 2: Not much, I miss Josh :(.
Friend 1: Ohh, that's sad, what about when he said all that

stuff to you?
Friend 2: He said he meant it, but can't help feeling like that.
Friend 1: Stupid Josh!
Friend 2: No, he was very sorry and said he cares!
by Still in Love. July 01, 2010
A peculiar individual, who shuns himself from the complexity of life. He has potential to be "great" but is uncertain because he has not discovered his true self. He lacks the motivation to follow through with commitments, but with guidance in his life, he will adhere and navigate more at ease. Though this individual lack some admirable qualities, he does have a kind heart (that's a rare find!) and a willingness to grow and evolve.
Template for Success:

Josh +motivation +susceptibility to the idea +course of action = UNSTOPPABLE Josh ;)
by strawberry fields November 16, 2013
- an extremely awesome and epic guy who always knows the right thing to say and do in any situation. He is fully dedicated to whoever he loves (like there is no tomorrow) and will do anything for them. He is not afraid of anything and can make anyone laugh when they need it most. He's sweet, intelligent, and sexy even though he doesnt think so. He fights for what he believes in, and will never back down if he feels that the one he cares for is in danger. I love you!
That Josh isn't afraid of anything.

Who's your cute boyfriend? That would be Josh.
by SamichLover April 03, 2013
someone who is unbelievably bad ass has mad swagger
and is the most baller person anyone can be. He always looks good and is the sexiest man in the world hands down.People like Mike Jones give him his number because everyone just wants to be friends with him. Famous for jamming out with Opeth there practically his best friends. Has a really awesome girlfriend who adores him to death, and loves BONDING with cheese because cheese is the good stuff and the real deal. Hes Always throwing up gangster signs and shooting shit. basically everyone just wants to be a Josh.
by CHEESELAVOIE January 04, 2010
A boy that will tell you he really likes you,then choose another girl. Only wants you for your body;tends to lead on. Total douchebag.
I know,what a Josh.
by blondesinger26 August 03, 2011

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