A big douche bag who like to smash it and trash it with anyone who is willing. This asshole pretends to like you and kiss you and other meaningless gestures to get you to suck his cock. He will also invite you to a party just to get you drunk. He will then "promise" to say he won't tell anyone if you do anything but does. Right. In. Front of you. Because he is an asshole that needs to get his small wiener chopped off and stuck up his ass.
Josh was lucky I was drunk last night or I would never have even touched his small package.
by tooeasyA May 22, 2011
Such a caring, sweet guy. If you have Josh as your boyfriend, you're a lucky one. When you're around him you'll fall for him fast, and you won't be able to let him go. He never stops caring for anyone, including his girlfriend, and he never stops telling her he loves her. And when he does tell her he loves her, he means it. He is one of a kind and any girl lucky enough to be with him knows that. He never fails to make anyone smile or laugh, and he always jokes around. Whenever you're feeling down, Josh will cheer you up. He always knows how to make his girl smile and can brighten her day in a heartbeat. He is such a fun loving guy and is someone who you'd never get sick of being around, because there's always something new with him. You can always count on him and he will always be there for you no matter what.
Girl 1: Wow your boyfriend is such a funny, sweet, caring guy!
Girl 2: Yeah I know his name is Josh!
Girl 1: That would've been my first guess!
by tennislover1008 January 22, 2014
Josh is and amazing person. Words can only attempt to describe how outstanding Josh really is. He is funny and clever for the most part but makes stupid sexual jokes too. He loves sports and has a rockin' bod, but he's also really handsome, hot, and goddamn adorable even if he doesn't think so. His music taste is pretty bad but it isn't complete shit. He's good with people of all kinds. He is also probably the best boyfriend a girl could ever have. He's caring and loves to tell his girl how much he loves her and how beautiful she is (he's also got magic fingers). When you meet Josh you'll instantly like him or hate him because you're jealous. Either way Josh is probably the most fantastic person you'll ever come across. He's extraordinary.
Person 1: I met a guy, his name is Josh.
Person 2: Wow, I already like him!
by Draa June 09, 2013
A Josh is an amazing friend to have. Cute, funny, sweet, and like totally amazing. He is a great listener, almost like a therapist. You will probably fall for him one way or another especially if he's british. He also has really amazing eyes, like they are cool to look at. He is really fun to hang out with and just have a good time. Everyone needs a Josh as their friend or more.
"I met this amazing guy"
"must be a josh"
by fappythedolphin January 06, 2013
Tan skin sweet smile and beautiful eyes, but doesnt like to admit it! He can be a dick sometimes, great boyfriend! wonders a lot of things, but other than that hes a great boyfriend
Josh: will you go out with me?
girl: yes
Josh: i promise to take care of you forever
by baba1 December 21, 2010
Not a Jew.
That kid Josh, he's not a Jew.
by MotorBaby June 11, 2012
An unknown creature that takes a humanoid form, this creature has similar properties of what one would apply to "Batman" in the fact that it usually wears black, fights crime and has an incredible voice. Some people even think that it may be Death himself. This creature usually dwells on the planet earth and only one can be alive at one time. These creatures are not only bad ass heroes, but they can also use immense powers of unimaginable destruction and can even go as far as to control the space-time continuum, letting them skip across worlds and dimensions with ease. This creature, sighted only once and recorded many times throughout history called itself by one thing. Josh.
In a collapsed tomb in ancient Egypt, the hieroglyphs on the wall once told of a being of darkness bringing an evil emperors rule to an end.

After world war II a journal was recovered and instantly hidden by the CIA as inside was recordings of people being saved by the "dark angel, Josh"
by PitchBlack March 19, 2013

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