To rage quit during any type of game or competition. Also to fire directly into friendly units for no apparent reason, other than to be a douche.
Quit being such a fucking josh, you douche.
by The Alex. July 05, 2011
Tan skin sweet smile and beautiful eyes, but doesnt like to admit it! He can be a dick sometimes, great boyfriend! wonders a lot of things, but other than that hes a great boyfriend
Josh: will you go out with me?
girl: yes
Josh: i promise to take care of you forever
by baba1 December 21, 2010
A peculiar individual, who shuns himself from the complexity of life. He has potential to be "great" but is uncertain because he has not discovered his true self. He lacks the motivation to follow through with commitments, but with guidance in his life, he will adhere and navigate more at ease. Though this individual lack some admirable qualities, he does have a kind heart (that's a rare find!) and a willingness to grow and evolve.
Template for Success:

Josh +motivation +susceptibility to the idea +course of action = UNSTOPPABLE Josh ;)
by strawberry fields November 16, 2013
A wonderful friend & amazing boyfriend who will love so deeply & care with everything he has . He will give you his whole heart & tell you that you're beautiful even on your worse days . He is truly amazing . Sooo handsome with an amazing smile & will make you fall in love with him even more every single day . I love you Josh !!!! <3
Josh , I love that guy :)
by little fishyy May 23, 2013
- an extremely awesome and epic guy who always knows the right thing to say and do in any situation. He is fully dedicated to whoever he loves (like there is no tomorrow) and will do anything for them. He is not afraid of anything and can make anyone laugh when they need it most. He's sweet, intelligent, and sexy even though he doesnt think so. He fights for what he believes in, and will never back down if he feels that the one he cares for is in danger. I love you!
That Josh isn't afraid of anything.

Who's your cute boyfriend? That would be Josh.
by SamichLover April 03, 2013
A man who works on colored wires all day long, he doesnt get much right. maybe thats because he is colorblind...
"why is my car so fucked up"
"I dunno, Josh said it looked good"
by ifuckcars December 08, 2011
An obscure synonym for assbutt
Billy, that kid's just a Josh.
by Nine-Times January 25, 2011

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