Josh is a man with a big black dick. Bigger than Aundrey the Giants giant leathery scrotom. Sea is his middle name. Fuck bitches all day every day
If I had to name that swagalicious guy over there, it would be Josh, just cause of that definition up there.
by ThatFuckedUpMonkeyWithTheAfro January 14, 2015

The literal urban definition: S.A.L.V.A.T.I.O.N. Joshua, from the Hebrew meaning YAHWEH.

The proper possesive pronoun use according to The Modern Language Association: "His music was signed to their record label."
Babe # 1: Josh is an annoying kid! His music scores sucks ass!!!

Babe # 2: That fucker...just want's to fuck around!

Babe # 3: Simple, get rid of his ass.
by SuperGirl007 January 09, 2014
Not a Jew.
That kid Josh, he's not a Jew.
by MotorBaby June 11, 2012
A being appearing to have a social nature, yet that is only a diversion from their true colors.

A Josh is a punk ass bitch, whose lack of reason, selflessness and humility has become their downfall.

ie; A cunt
Shit, Josh is such a cunt.
by thebestpokemonmaster May 06, 2012
Noun: an unreliable guy who will never do anything fun with you. Often ditches friends in favour of Chap laps.

Verb: the act of being a Josh. Ditching your friends and plans for no good reason.

Joshed (Verb- past tense)
Danny: Are we still drinking tonight?

Jon: No, Cairine and Almaz totally Joshed us. They're so unreliable.
by notajosh December 16, 2011
A real sleazy dickhead, pretends to be a loyal boyfriend, when really he likes millions of other girls and checks them out all the time even right infront of his girlfriend. he lies and cheats. a real sexist douche bag. thinks he could get with any girl he wanted when really everyone thinks hes an absolute loser. Cant hold a relationship cause hes too small minded, needs to grow the hell up and treat his girl right otherwise he wil be left out in the cold! small chubby dick too!
Girl 1: ew, josh is the biggest sleaze, chekcing out all the girls
Girl 2: i know right, feral pig. no girl would touch him anyways
Girl 1: haha agreed, what a douche.
by asdfghjklzxcvbd October 02, 2011
The most amazing guy in the world<3 His boyfriend loves him so much it's like unreal. He's so sweet, and funny c: lmao. He has like the best personality of anyone you'll ever know. His boyfriend is hoping to be with him foreverr. Trey loves you babyy<3 (:
I love you Joshh.
by treylovesjoshh August 14, 2011

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