n. 1) a tissue, 2) any form of tissue or such material that can be used to catch the result of masturbation, especially while alone in a dark room, 3) v. to josh, to masturbate into a tissue awkwardly while alone in a dark room.
1) "Hey, wanna pass me a josh?"
2) "Dude, I don't wanna go in my room. I stepped on an old josh last night, and it wasn't mine."
3) "God damnit, I walked in on my room mate while he was joshing last night.
by Mike_Rotch October 04, 2010
An amazing guy who puts one before himself. He is rich and super nice. He has amazing muscles and is SUPER hot. He always knows when something is wrong and is always there for you. He's an amazing boyfriend and every girl is jealous of his girlfriend. He is the most amazing guy ever. Definitely easy to fall in love with.

I love you Josh.
by xox13 March 14, 2011
Typically a good looking guy with big intentions in life and in bed; Large dick, Great body, and gentleman like.
so who is that new guy JOSH youve been talking to
by jcy1106 March 01, 2015
scarastic, funny, amazing man with a large and orgasmic wee-wee. but is a wicked tease. but also a pita.
my best friend is such a josh
by myotherridewearscombatboots January 19, 2011
A Homosexual of asian origin e.g. lady boy or very camp man.
I was in Hong Kong the other day and there were so many Josh's, what a load of bum loving gays!"
by oooooooooooooooooh September 26, 2010
A boy on the internet who thinks he's smart, usually on Twitter and a ginger. Tries hard to be edgy and talks against SJWs, thinks he's the voice of reason but he's not. He always says things that contradict himself. Never trust because he's two-faced, no matter the case. Huge hypocrite.
Josh was the walking form of cancer, he was on the internet for years until they stood up to him. His reign ended when they realized the cure, was reason.
via giphy
by Rockcroc July 06, 2016
Noun (Josh) Verb (joshing) - a person who gets very angry very easily, has a small penis, and supports nazism. Easily obsessed with something and it's automatically better than anything you think is cool. Chops Mormons
"Dude calm down, you're joshing right now"
"Come on man don't be a Josh."
"Don't Josh at Isaiah, he's very fragile"
by Kill3rcat456 May 11, 2016
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