Such a caring, sweet guy. If you have Josh as your boyfriend, you're a lucky one. When you're around him you'll fall for him fast, and you won't be able to let him go. He never stops caring for anyone, including his girlfriend, and he never stops telling her he loves her. And when he does tell her he loves her, he means it. He is one of a kind and any girl lucky enough to be with him knows that. He never fails to make anyone smile or laugh, and he always jokes around. Whenever you're feeling down, Josh will cheer you up. He always knows how to make his girl smile and can brighten her day in a heartbeat. He is such a fun loving guy and is someone who you'd never get sick of being around, because there's always something new with him. You can always count on him and he will always be there for you no matter what.
Girl 1: Wow your boyfriend is such a funny, sweet, caring guy!
Girl 2: Yeah I know his name is Josh!
Girl 1: That would've been my first guess!
by tennislover1008 January 22, 2014
The most amazing guy you will ever know. A gentleman, friendly, welcoming, approachable, funny, sweet, kind hearted, willing to accept people who are different, non-judgemental. A guy who listens to your problems and actually cares about what you have to say, even if everyone else thinks you're talking rubbish. He's not afraid to be who he is and makes his girlfriend feel like she's not so alone after all. He accepts people for who they are and never tries to change them for his own ends. Everyone who is around him respects him, he's not afraid to stand up for people or what he thinks is right. He is easy to fall in love with and his girlfriend is the luckiest girl in the world. Once you have a hold of him, you'll never want to let him go. It's sad that he doesn't really know how much people appreciate him.

Most guys named Josh love to play videogames (and are amazing at it), watch sci-fi, make comics, watch action movies and listen to rock music.
'Ever since I met Josh, my life has only got better'
by Arglevonstrooben June 17, 2012
He ask out every girl and dates them and dumps them, He does not care if they get hurt but when he gets hurt they should feel like the worst person in the word *according to him* He is a dick, but he makes you fall for him, but after you date him you always wish you didn't, girl usually say yes to him becaause:
1. They feel bad for him
2. They want to use him to get someone jealous or to get over someone

3. He makes them like him but a day later they dump him
He is not that cute and a lot of people hate him because


He is a big show off

&& like the biggest dick in the world

Most of his friends hate him but they act like his friend because he will tell on them is their not

He is not a nice guy and doesn't care and is not very nice and he is they BIGGEST PLAYER EVERRR!!!!!!!!!
by urbandailyguy12 November 26, 2011
A real sleazy dickhead, pretends to be a loyal boyfriend, when really he likes millions of other girls and checks them out all the time even right infront of his girlfriend. he lies and cheats. a real sexist douche bag. thinks he could get with any girl he wanted when really everyone thinks hes an absolute loser. Cant hold a relationship cause hes too small minded, needs to grow the hell up and treat his girl right otherwise he wil be left out in the cold! small chubby dick too!
Girl 1: ew, josh is the biggest sleaze, chekcing out all the girls
Girl 2: i know right, feral pig. no girl would touch him anyways
Girl 1: haha agreed, what a douche.
by asdfghjklzxcvbd October 02, 2011
guy with small penis who throws up alot, who drives on an empty tank east bumfuck and cries during thunderstorms while holding a donkey penis in his left hand and a lubricant in his right hand while his mom is spanking him telling him to go home, he doesn't listen very well because apparently he doesn't get the fact that IT'S OVER. bitch ass nigga
person 1: are you okay?
person 2: no im fucking puking!!!
person 1: are you being like josh again?
by tits_mcgee1234567 August 03, 2011
A nigger
There was a josh who was called a negro
by asdfgsdfg2q34rdsfasd July 30, 2011
A guy who doesn't know if he is ganster, country, or skater. Dumps girls via TEXT MESSAGE. Failure at life, can't commit. Leads on girls, then goes back to his EX GIRLFRIEND who is a total BOOOOOOOTYCALLLLL. Dumb pothead, who lies about everything. Likes a lot of whores, thinks he is toooo cool for colllege, and has friends that are cooler than him. More than likely will lead you on and then dump you for no good reason at all. After he dumps you, you will be MORE THAN RELIEVED though.
Girl 1: "He seems really cool"
Girl 2: "What's his name?"
Girl 1: "Josh"
Girl 2: "NO girl, he is a total player"
Girl 1: "Oh, dang"
by aklreinsat-a April 26, 2011

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