Josh is a man with a big black dick. Bigger than Aundrey the Giants giant leathery scrotom. Sea is his middle name. Fuck bitches all day every day
If I had to name that swagalicious guy over there, it would be Josh, just cause of that definition up there.
by ThatFuckedUpMonkeyWithTheAfro January 14, 2015
Josh is a sensitive, caring guy who will do anything to solve problems. Although he may come across as overprotective but all he wants to do is make sure that the ones he loves are safe and well. Joshua's are normally very attractive and have the most gorgeous eyes. He also is an extremely good kisser and knows how to pleasure a lady; They're romantic and are aware of a girl's boundaries. I'm 100% positive that if you find a Josh, you will not regret it and you'll most defiantly have a perfect relationship. Trust me, Josh's are worth the wait.
"Look at him, he's defiantly a Josh!"
by abcdfkulolx January 03, 2015
The kind of man that when you see him

you fall in love and won't regret it
a charming , selfless person who won't hesitate to help people in a pinch
though they tend to be shy but sexy ;)
The most sexy thing alive , a Josh or Joshua
by Just a person here for fun June 08, 2014
a really sweet guy with an optimistic personality. He has total swag and
is fun to be around. Smart, funny, and has complete awesomeness and always

knows how to cheer someone up. Can be the best guy friend you'll ever have!
person: "who's the guy with the awesome swag?"
person: "oh yeah that would be josh!"
by CDS October 23, 2013
His water world tanned skin makes him look like he's str8 outta compton nigga. Dis nigga will fuck you up in his sleep with an added bonus of a 420 #swegscope just 2 rek u. He will deepthroat the shit outta you cause he don't give no fucks. He gets turnt up at every party, and wasted whilst he's at it. His dick is 11 inches and he won't hesitate to stuff you like a thanksgiving turkey. All in all, this nigga turnt up! If yo bitch talking to Josh, it's already too l8 m8.
Josh was flirting with my bitch, but I don't want to fight him cause he will fuck me up REAAAL good.
by MrTreatYourNose November 08, 2014
Awesomely hot guy with a huge dick, he is always out there willing to show his magic to you. The best boyfriend you could ever have in the whole world. As strong as superman and muscles like the hulk. he is the hottest guy you will ever find and he will make you laugh even when you are sad. As soon as you see joshes face you will fall in love with him straight away.
I was so sad josh made me so happy. Again after we got serious in the bed.
by YoloAussie October 20, 2013
He's handsome, but when he leaves his beard to grow he looks like a muslim.. He's a kind young man, and knows how to treat a girl! He's a very loving guy.
'Hey look at that muslim'
'Oh that's just Josh'
by thatguyspiff November 13, 2012
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