The kind of man that when you see him

you fall in love and won't regret it
a charming , selfless person who won't hesitate to help people in a pinch
though they tend to be shy but sexy ;)
The most sexy thing alive , a Josh or Joshua
by Just a person here for fun June 08, 2014
All Josh's (Josh's? Joshes? Idk.) are really kind and funny. Always there for you. Make you laugh when you least expect it. Josh's are amazing. Best things that ever happened to you, correct? If you have the luck have one as a mate or even to date one, make sure you never leave him!
"Oh dayumn, Josh is one hood ass nigga!"
by I'M FABULOUS :D May 27, 2014
Josh is a kind, loving, caring guy. He knows when he can crack a joke or when he needs to be serious. He has an unnatural obsession with Coheed and Cambria and Claudio Sanchez. He rocks the guitar and loves video games. He loves his girlfriend and never lets her forget it. He has super soft hair and always smells good. Also has a great dick and ass. He gives amazing kisses and the best hugs. Any girl is super lucky to date Josh.
"That guy over there is totally jamming to 2's My Favorite 1"

"Must be a Josh."
by MaNu March 30, 2014
Josh is very smart, especially in math. He is a very nice guy and can be trusted. All of the girls love him! He gets along best with Jack or Max, and has slightly curly brown hair and blue eyes. His eyesight isn't the best, so he wears glasses. He is very funny and sarcastic, loves bright colors, especially green and pink. His clothing style is amazing!
Josh is amazing. I wish I could date him
by Swegyoooooo November 01, 2013
Awesomely hot guy with a huge dick, he is always out there willing to show his magic to you. The best boyfriend you could ever have in the whole world. As strong as superman and muscles like the hulk. he is the hottest guy you will ever find and he will make you laugh even when you are sad. As soon as you see joshes face you will fall in love with him straight away.
I was so sad josh made me so happy. Again after we got serious in the bed.
by YoloAussie October 20, 2013
Usually he is a person you can't live without. He is perfect in so many ways. He is sweet loving and caring. What beautiful traits does he possess. He isnt that good at remembering things but if its important enough he will. He is not a school person but is the smartest person you know because he has great common sense. He also loves football. He is a free spirited person.So don't try to tell him what to do...or run his life. Let Josh do Josh. He loves life and all that it has to offer. He just loves to have fun. Dont mess with his family or what he claims as his because he won't back down from a fight. He is you'll probably catch him amongst a large crowd. He is usually cute and sexy with a killer smile.
Look at him play football. His name must be Josh.
by Reya April 08, 2013
A small kid with an annoyingly high-pitched voice.spoiled.
Has the worlds smallest penis. But you can't help not having him as your friend. Kinda cool when you get to know him.
Doesn't like porn, so people think he likes guys.
Other guy:hey Josh check out this chicks rack.

*shows him pic*
Other guy:your gay.
by Kevinmckevinface October 18, 2011

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