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A person who is addicted to cocaine.
He used to be a joneser until he had to have his nose rebuilt.
by lizajane May 02, 2005
8 18
a person that needs, wants, and takes everything all the time.
He just borrowed twenty dollars, what a joneser.
by Will August 19, 2003
35 16
Also see Bum Drunk, One who will stop at nothing to render what ever he is "Jonesing" for.
Fucking Joneser was Jonesing last night, What a fucking fiend
by Dr. Know October 16, 2003
13 14
to abuse and/or consume drugs
Nico Malorni is a big joneser
by Nico Malorni April 01, 2008
6 16
A loser who failed his temps test half a dozen times and didn't get his lisence till he was 19.
Chris: Oh man, we are on our way to college.
Torey: Yeah, hey did you here that TJ just got his lisence?
Chris: But isn't he 19?
Torey: Yeah, he is a Joneser.
by Tyler Sadex May 19, 2004
8 29