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A guy who listens to heavy metal while vigorously nodding his head up and down. Ideally throwing his long hair back and forth for added effect. dirt head, metal head
Dude, those head bangers are going to give themselves brain damage bangin to that speed metal.
by lizajane May 02, 2005
A person who is addicted to cocaine.
He used to be a joneser until he had to have his nose rebuilt.
by lizajane May 02, 2005
A dirty hippie druggie. From early '80s Pacific Beach used to describe the street dealers who sold fake drugs to the Navy guys
Look at that guy over there in the alley, with the long scraggly hair and no front teeth, he's a real skode!
by lizajane May 02, 2005
A long haired metal head druggie, also skode,dirt bag,metal head, head banger
Those guys hanging out in their lifted Bronco listening to Metallica are real dirt heads.
by lizajane May 02, 2005

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