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When guys get together for man-2-man fuck sessions. Gets the pizzle drizzlin' for some females.
I walked in the porta-porn place one day and saw some gay porn. Two men sweating it out, grindin' ass-to-ass? What's wrong with that? Got me hot. If straight men can ogle lesbians, why can't us girls drool over two dicks,hmm?
by sexie chocolate October 22, 2004
Any brand of store bought cigar (phillies, white owls, swishers, or the "leafy" kinds like optimo or garcia y vega or el producto) that is cut open, the tobacco dumped out, and refilled with weed. Makes potheads happy, but pisses off those poor little migrant workers that slave all day cutting that damn tobacco. Blunts are a great habit to enjoy all day, every day.
1) I sit on my couch and blaze blunts with my peoples whenever I ain't at work, or just by my damn self, I don't give a FUUUUUUCK!!!
2) I ain't smoking no schwag in my blunt! Nigga you must be crazy! Now pass the hydro!
by sexie chocolate December 23, 2004
When a creature (most likely an amimal, but can apply to humans) is so horny, it'll hump anyhthing in sight.
Mona: OMG! Look at Jack!
Mae: What the fuck is he doing?
Jack(pulling out of the dog's ass): Ooooh, yeah! Thanks again, sparky!
Sparky: Woof!
by sexie chocolate October 05, 2004
A magazine that THANK GOD gave the ladies some fine ass eye candy for a change!
Me: Didi, what are you doing with my Palygirl?
Didi (pulling up her panties): Uh, nuthin'.
Me: You a damn lie! Gimme dat...oooohhh, wait a minute. DAMN that man got a cucumber dick!
Didi: Don't he?
Me: Don't change the subject, bitch.
by sexie chocolate September 28, 2004
That pimp-ass nigga from Starsky and Hutch. Looks like superfly.
"who in the hell came up with the name "huggy bear?"
by sexie chocolate October 04, 2004
A cast iron cooking pan used to make eggs, bacon, delicious dinners, and can also be utilized to knock any aggravating or annoying asshole out cold if so needed.
Example 1: I had two skillet-fried eggs this morning for breakfast.
Example 2: Cory wouldn't shut the fuck up hollerin' in my ear, so I clocked him upside his head with a skillet.
by sexie chocolate December 12, 2004
The coolest pitch man for cigarettes ever. Has some animal-like tendencies, mainly those of a camel.
Get lung cancer the Joe Camel way! *cough cough*
by sexie chocolate November 13, 2004

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