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vulgarity that once heard expressed by Clay Davis will inevitably become a part of your lexicon; can express satisfaction, anger, indignancy, and many other emotions
Maurice Doby? For governor? Of my state? Sheeeit
by Maurice Doby June 13, 2012
17 0
the point of acknowledgement when you know you are fucked.
Jenny: ...ring... ring..
Ronnie:...*crackles* hello?
Jenny: Ronnie I have great news!
Ronnie: What is it?
Jenny: Your going to be a father!
Ronnie SHEEEit
by The Notorious Knoxx July 18, 2011
20 3
Carries the same deffination as sheeet or any other variation of the word.....however, i beg to differ,they are all spelled incorrectly, it is spelled as it is pronuciated.
Ahhhhh sheeeit playa, imma bust yo' ass.
by NicholaLost November 03, 2003
15 14
good stuff, the best, pleasing to the senses
"I'm da sheee-it!"
by bad mofo October 14, 2003
4 11