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An amazingly sexy, funny, exciting, ambitious, sweet guy. He is a bit of a hard egg to crack, but once he feels close to you, he will open up and allow you to feel his warm heart instantly. He is Very loyal and generous. He would do anything for those he loves. If you meet a Nico, consider yourself Very luck because he is a keeper.
That guy is everything a girl could ask for! He's such a Nico.
by Urban Dictionary October 25, 2009
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the most amazing person you could ever meet, he is so sweet and always knows what to say to make you smile, he is a great boyfriend. nico's are fun to be around but do not like you to be around other guys. they tend to have huge butts it will make you jealous. i love my nico <3
daayyymmm he must be a Nico, look at that assss!
by hjbhgvnh August 03, 2011
Ultimate badass that is obnoxious, well-known, so loud that they cough blood, outgoing, over the top!
Stop screaming your being such a "Nico "
by RAWR-E January 14, 2009
is supper cool and gets tons of pussy!!!
i just over heard a conversation in a pet store. some guy said he got pussy... i think he said his name was nico.
by whythankyousir June 13, 2011
Nicos are far the best type of creatures in the world. Their skin color changes with the seasons, AND THEY HAVE THE MOST CONTAGIOUS SMILE EVER and they hate bitches, meaning they'll stab a hoe. So don't mess with them.
Nicos like to spend the time in the sun, So if you have an Nico, be sure to spend all your time in the sun with her, and I'm only saying her.. cause I've never came across a male Alina.

Nicos like Coca-Cola, and affection. So be sure to give them both. Not because you HAVE too. But because you want too. Nicos are veryy easy to keep happy. Just don't be too hard on them, and they'll love you right back. Also whatever mood youre in will rub off on them, So always be happy (Note. Not because you have too, but because you want too) No one like fakers.
Now you know all the steps to caring for your new Nico!
Remember, Nicos are the most beautiful things on the planet and they will straight up leave your ass if you make them unhappy. Therefore, Treat your Nico right, And you shall live a long happy life with her.
nico, nicoleta, iubi
by geo000 August 13, 2012
Stage name of German singer/actress Christa Päffgen. She is most famous for having been a part of the Velvet Underground for a while (appearing on their first album), and for her first solo record, Chelsea Girl. Died in 1988.
Nico's voice was pretty weird, but I still ike it.
by Tyler Hauck January 22, 2004
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