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Please refer to RINO and Republicrat.The prime candidate for switching affiliation to the Democrats.
John McCain wastes too much time on caring about how the Gitmo detainees are treated over this nation's safety. What a Republican In Name Only.
by Piranha September 30, 2006
Well-known Republican senator from Arizona. Best known for having served in Vietnam, having a bad temper, and being a moderate Republican.

Contrary to popular belief, McCain isn't a liberal Republican. In fact, he is pro-life and supports many of the ideas of the Republican platform. He is very popular with the "liberal" media because of his controversy and slight deviation from the traditional values of the Right.

Although he supports Dubya in this war, there is some speculation that McCain is merely catering to the far-right Republicans in his party that don't like him.

Whether this is true or not, John McCain is a heroic, patriotic American who isn't afraid to stand up for what he believes in. Hopefully, he'll continue to follow his own beliefs instead of being another Republican puppet.
John Kerry considered John McCain for a running mate, even though their political beliefs are quite different.


I love this guy.
by anonymous December 13, 2004
Definition unavailable, please see old.
John McCain is old. He is also running for President. People make political jokes about his age. Lawls ensue.
by Ho'nique D July 10, 2008
Not the president.
John: Is John McCain the president?
Mary: NO!
by Qincy January 23, 2009
A man who thinks it is acceptable to call his wife a trollop and a cunt in public.
Cindy: "Honey, can we go home now, this 24/7 campaigning is pretty tiring"

John: "Shut your face you cunt. I only married you for your family's money, you Barbie shrink wrapped trollop cum dump."

Fox News reporter: "That John McCain, what a passionate guy. I can't believe people would quote him out of context"
by schmarn May 14, 2008
Current U.S. Senator from Arizona and running as a Republican for President of the United States. He is a war hero and was a prisoner of war during Vietnam. However, being a war hero does not qualify anyone to be President of the U.S. He is a traitor to the Republican party and masquerades himself as a Conservative by stabbing his party in the back and voting with liberal Democrats on critical Congressional Bills. He has cosponsored many Congressional Bills with very liberal Russ Feingold of Wisconsin (McCain-Feingold) and Edward Kennedy of Massachusettes (McCain-Kennedy). He has numerous times voted against tax cuts and limited Congressional spending. This man will do anything and say anything by relying on voter ignorance to become President of the United States. He can easily criticize his opponents but can't take the criticisim towards himself. He has attacked his Repeblican opponents and calling himself the "most consistent Reagan Conservative." What a joke and a clown. To prove he isn't a Conservative, he was endorced by the New York Times and the Boston Globe. Go figure. Unfortunately his tactics coupled with voter ignorance will probably result in the Republican nomination for President.

He is the epitome of the word REPUBLICRAT, and it's people like him who are what is everything wrong with Washington.
John McCain is masquerading himself as a friend of Republicans and Conservatives but, in reality, is sucking up to the liberals and far left to get elected. He lacks integrity and will NEVER get my vote. He is a clown and should join the circus.
by krock1dk February 05, 2008
You are such a john mccain
by Jojo in the townhouse October 09, 2008