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Republican in name only; typically means a member of the GOP who's more liberal than a Republican should be
Schwarzegger's one big RINO!
by Alex August 19, 2003
Republican who acts and votes like a liberal and ignores the wishes of other Republicans
Specter and McCain are RINOs
by darkangel82 May 17, 2005
Limp-wristed political figures who pretend to support a right-wing platform, but in reality turn out to be extreme lefty subversives who hate the United States Constitution.
Examples of RINO's include: Karl Rove, John McCain, John Boehner, Lindsey Graham, etc.
by Spiro Tiberius Agnew December 27, 2013
Republican In Name Only.

This is a pejorative term used to dismiss any moderate or liberal GOP members from getting nominated to run for president.

Any Republican who isn't a pro-life creationist who denies climate change gets hit with this label.
Because he admitted he believed in man-made climate change and accepted the theory of evolution, Jon Huntsman was labeled as a RINO and thus did very poorly in the GOP primaries in 2012
by Downvote Victim January 11, 2014
Formerly stood for Republican In Name Only. Eventually, it fell into widespread overuse, effectively diluting its context.

Currently, it stands for any Republican who is not totally bat-shit crazy on 100 percent of the issues, 100 percent of the time.
Person A: "Senator X is nothing but a RINO!"

Person B: "Oh, he's not a RINO, he just doesn't think schizophrenics should be allowed to carry assault rifles into schools!"

Person A: "That's not right! The Second Amendment says we can carry anywhere!"

Person B: "Sure it does - if you're bat-shit crazy!"
by Ingleweird October 20, 2011
Noun: Pronounced "Ree-no"

Defn: A kind, loyal man with impeccable values who makes people of all ages, from infants to seniors, feel comfortable. He's instinctively loving and caring, and, above all else, he wants those he loves to be happy. He's hardworking to a fault, and loves a good competition.
When acknowledging a superior effort, "That's very Rino of you".
by S3pt!c Sk3pt!c March 03, 2010
an older man (40+) who pursues and/or sleeps with younger women.
He's usually horny and ugly (like a rino).
Oh my god, check out that rino at the bar trying to pick up Ashleigh!
by Stevie68 December 12, 2009
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