Very,Very, Very, Very, Very, Very, Very, Very, old dinosaur age guy who looks like a fucking turtle.
Dude#1: Look it's a 150 year old Turtle!!

Dude#2: No it's not, It's John McCain.

Dude#1: Oh your right!!

Both: Laughing
by Urban Prufesur January 01, 2009
1. bush jr.
2. thus making him a douche too.
"he's such a douche."
"maybe he's a descendant of john mccain"
by doesnt matter, whatever October 20, 2008
The Republican nominee for the 2008 Presidential Election.

McCain began his campaign claiming to be a "Maverick" Republican, and making assertions to the effect that he was going to improve the Republican party's reputation by acting UNLIKE George W. Bush (U.S. President, like it or not, years 2000-2008).

Has recently decided to act more and more like an incredibly conservative Republican, in an attempt to convince extremists that he is their candidate while trying to keep as many moderate voters as possible.

May be compared to a certain black-robed fictional character in George Lucas' "Star Wars". Both McCain and this fictional character began with moderate views, but were slowly corrupted by the Dark Side. Both have failed to do much for their sickly wives. Both of them have been captured in wartime (failing their mission) and subsequently rescued, to return as a glorious "hero". Both McCain and Vader -- oops, did I say that? -- are hideous in their old age, with bad skin and copious wrinkles. McCain is also capable of grabbing people by the throat using the Force.
Vote John McCain -- he's not George W. Bush!

Vote John McCain -- he is George W. Bush!

Vote John McCain -- he's not black!

Vote John McCain -- or he'll kill you with his deathgrip!
by McCain Unable September 11, 2008
1. Typical Republican Candidate
by Johnny Ohm1 August 13, 2008
see also anhero
John McCain is truly an hero.
by elll May 29, 2009
a real old fart
john mccain the old fart, if he became president he would make a draft.
by baka kuso yaro April 08, 2011
1: adjective; to figuratively straddle the fence on an issue (like politics or sports)
2: noun; to literally staddle a fence, using the fence pole to stimulate the female genitalia
1: Mark: I can't decide whether to give my girl a Birmingham Booty Call, or a Change Machine.
Randy: Dude, quit being a John McCain and just give her a Pensacola Payphone.
2: Dude, I just drove by a girl giving herself a John McCain. She was pretty hefty; I think the fence was about to break.
by Cleveland, Puncher of Donkeys April 11, 2010

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